Monday, December 29, 2014

Under The Brooklyn Bridge.

This photo makes my heart swell. It'll probably be printed and framed. The morning she flew in from Utah, and as soon as we pulled into the driveway Noah and Chelsea both came running outside of the house with squeals of delight. She didn't even seem to care that she was jet lagged. She was so happy to see this little guy including all of her sibs, and of course catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately due to taking a red eye flight we didn't let her nap too long, and so far the past couple of days spent with her have been active, busy, pretty tiring, and pretty darn fun. 

The "she" I'm referring to is my lovely daughter Sierra.

This past weekend we spontaneously drove to the city to take all of them to one of our favorite spots under the Brooklyn bridge. The last time we came here the kids absolutely loved it ,and so we had to bring the older girls to check it out. Riding Jane's Carousel is one of the kids favorite attractions, and this time both Lexie and Sierra had a chance to finally ride on it. 
^^^ Never too old to ride the carousel! ^^^
I just love coming out here, and feeling free. There's something about the city that just makes you not have a care in the world about anything or anybody. The view of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges are amazing! We had so much fun taking pictures, and laughing in between the saying, "say cheese".
^^^ After all the picture taking, and having the kids play around for a bit we decided to grab a bite to eat. Of course the lines were crazy long because of the holidays, and the fact that it was a Saturday evening didn't help either. I personally was craving pizza, but was outvoted by the kids to eat at Shack Shack. I obliged, and didn't complain. I was craving Julianna's really bad (there's nothing like New york pizza in Jersey!) so that kind of tells you how much I love my kids. They really wanted to eat hamburgers, and I let them. In the end I had no regrets eating at Shake Shack because their crinkle fries are back!! The had become obsolete for awhile, but I guess by popular demand brought them back. Hopefully for good this time! ^^^
We ended the evening walking along the Brooklyn bridge, and taking in the beautiful view of the skyline. We always go to Manhattan, but am beginning to fall more in love with Brooklyn.'s nice to see both "worlds" from time to time, but it's time that we don't take Brooklyn for granted. I'm so glad we were able to take Sierra into the city while she's here. Here's looking forward to six more days of quality time spent with her before she takes off! 

Happy Monday! 

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