Friday, December 26, 2014

Scenes Of A Christmas Day.

As I'm writing this blog post Sierra is on her way back home to Jersey, and we are so thrilled to finally have her home for the holidays after an entire year of not seeing her. Although we did miss her, our first Christmas spent without her wasn't so bad (I only wish she would have been in our Christmas photo). Nonetheless it turned out to be a pretty great day spent with great friends eating amazing food filled inside a happy home full of happy kids! 
^^^ Homemade butterhorn rolls = YUMO! ^^^
Sorry but this won't be a long post because I need to drive to Philly, and pick her up at the airport in a few minutes, but I'll quickly add a few Christmas photos of a few happy kids from our Christmas day. Even though I told them it's not about the gifts, and that the season is all about Jesus it's still nice to be thought of by friends and family. So thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who made my kids Christmas extra special with the gifts you sent. Some of them were very much needed (i.e. gloves, beanies, clothes, and socks!) 
And maybe some of them were not so needed like an American Girl doll, the Maze Runner movie, candy, and jewelry to name a few...
but at the end of the day seeing my kids expressing gratitude with a side of happiness surrounded by the small amount of spiritual and temporal gifts they received is all that matters and that's what makes us the happiest parents in the world! 
Especially on Christmas day when they are all busy playing nice not only with their toys, but with each other too! Such a beautiful sight to see. 
Wishing y'all even more happier days of fun ahead for the remainder of the holiday season. get back into the routine, and enjoy ourselves as a family of six. At least for ten days!  

Happy Holiday weekend! 

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