Friday, January 16, 2015

Scenes of Two Simple Birthdays.

Celebrating the girls birthdays on a weekday was simple, yet a lot of fun and if you have a Snapchat you can see all the details of that day from the time they came home from school until the night ended. There was cake and ice cream, tons of balloons with money tied on the ribbon. There were cake pops, pizza, and small, simple, yet lovely gifts from the girls friends from school, and  the grandparents in Utah. 

I love seeing my girls happy and as I watch them grown throughout the years I've recognized a simplicity and appreciation in them that when their special day arrives they are extremely excited. And that it's the littlest things that bring them joy.

They have never really asked for big parties with a ton of friends or big presents. All our girls have always told us that a simple "happy birthday" gesture added with lots of hugs, and sprinkles of love would suffice, and that makes them the happiest girls on earth. Their outlook of what a birthday should be makes me the happiest mama on earth! Then again...I think I have trained them to think that way, and to always be grateful that we are still alive, and for all that we receive. 

Even though I feel as if my girls are so appreciative of anything we do for them, and don't really ask for much I still want to make their day special, fun, and memorable. And yes...I love giving them gifts! I mean...what's a birthday party without gifts. Even if it's just a few simple gifts it's the thought that counts, and I can see it in their eyes that they are so happy that they received. 

And then there's the cake! 
It was such a wonderful Thursday afternoon. Even though Jon worked all day the second he came home we immediately put candles on their cake, and sang happy birthday to them. Since the girls birthday fell on a weekday I decided to splurge a little, and order them a nice sheet cake from here. This year the girls decided to put all 25 candles on the cake together. It was admirable to see the look on their faces and the gestures they were making as we were singing the birthday song to them. 
They truly are some of the happiest kids I know!

So glad y'all had fun! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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