Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ten & Fifteen.

^^^ January 15, 2015 ^^^ 
As each year goes by I am amazed at how quickly these two are growing up. They are alike in many ways, yet sooooo different. Being five years apart I would say that they would have to be different! I will always remember the day I had both these beauties. Little did I know that Chelsea would be born on the same day and month as her sister, because let me tell you....we did not plan it that way! Chelsea's original due date was January 14, but obviously decided at the last minute to be ONE day overdue, and born on the same day as her sister. Yep...she  wanted to be the center of attention, and she totally got it on the morning of Lexie's fifth birthday. 
^^^ January 15, 2010 ^^^
I remember Lexie being filled with excitement when my water broke in the middle of a prayer before Jon was going into work. I will always remember the words said in that prayer, and one thing Jon had prayed for was, and these were the words that he uttered, "we pray that this baby will come soon as Rose is in discomfort, and pray for a wonderful birthday for Lexie." As soon as he ended the prayer, and said amen I kid you not, I felt as if Chelsea did a somersault or flipped upside down around my uterus or something which caused my water to break! I was so thankful, and relieved that the day had come because I was so uncomfortable in the way I was carrying her! The girls seemed excited, and Lexie who just turned five on that day was a little sweetheart. She was so happy that her sister was going to be born on her birthday. She didn't care about opening any of her presents. She didn't care about eating her cake, or being sung to. All she cared about was hoping that mommy was safe at the hospital, and that baby Chelsea would come soon so that she could finally meet her,  and hold her.
^^^ Lexie and baby Chelsea, circa January 15, 2005 ^^^
It has been a blast having two kids being born on the same day. It kind of feels like I have twins except one is taller than the other! It's kind of funny actually. Whenever I've ordered a cake, or buy two of the same thing the sales clerk, or cook will say something along the lines of, "how awesome it is that you have twins!", and then I'd have to correct them and say, "oh no...I don't have twins, they're born on the same day, but five years apart." Then they'd continue to ask how we managed to do that, and my reply would be that we never planned it that way it just happened! Such a fun story!

I honestly believe that Chelsea wanted to come down, and be born on Lexie's birthday so that a bond can be created, and regardless of their difference in age, and personality they sure do love each other.  

Happy Birthday girls!

Love you both!! 

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