Friday, January 23, 2015

A Little Bit Of A Snowfall.

I find such comfort in the winter. 

It never fails every time it snows I feel a little bit nostalgic because in all honesty, there are days when I actually miss the winters in Utah. I think the fact that we lived close to so many ski resorts got me a bit spoiled. Not that I'm a skier, or a snowboarder, but the fact that we actually got a lot of snow back there, & had a nice view of the mountains was very tranquil to me. The other night I somewhat had a bit of a face time/daughter date with Sierra. She decided to drive up to Big Cottonwood Canyon, but unfortunately was cut short due to black ice. She stumbled upon it as she reached the s curve. She turned around, & her words were "I think I'm going to turn around now because I don't want to die!" Good choice Sierra!! We had a nice talk and she made it home just in time to go to her choir class. 

So when we finally got our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago I was excited. I had been longing for snow since then, and fortunately got some this week. As soon as it came down I told Noah to quickly log off the computer so that we can go outside & feel the snow fall on our faces! These photos were not expected to be taken since it was just us outside being in the moment. Luckily Chelsea came home and because I'm always taking pictures of them asked if she could take some (we seriously need to get her a camera!) I of course never say no to picture taking so I obliged. Especially when the kids ask! She took a few of me and Noah, and then I captured some moments of them two. 
The fact that it was National Hug Day made it so sweet too! It became even more fun when Lexie came home! Yay! Her sibs adore her, and always hover around her when she comes home. Life for her has been pretty busy lately with school that every time we take pictures she's hardly around. I'm so glad I got to capture a few shots of her (which I'll post at a later date), and that Chelsea captured this one of us! 
We had some fun until Noah began to get cold. I was surprised because normally he's all about the snow, and playing in it until darkness falls, but because this snow fall was "wet" it was super cold!! And  we walked ran inside!

The snow here is obviously different than the snow in the Rockies out west, and I've pretty much already gotten used to it being so different. I'm grateful though that we get some snow although it's been pretty mild lately. I'm hoping to get more snow so that the kids can go sledding. Winter is just not complete until we go sledding! We're still in January with two more months of winter left so hopefully mother nature will bring us more snow...and not the wet, wet kind! 
Regardless...I have fun with these kids. I love them so much, and we are going to make the best out of this winter whether we spend it indoors, or outdoors....with snow, or no snow! 

Happy weekend! 

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