Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why I Wear "The Stitch."

Last spring I read about this incredible organization called Speak your Silence, and when I read about it including the founder of it I knew I had to somehow support, and be a part of it. The cause behind it really inspired me to open up even more about my childhood abuse, and to get involved. I have been inspired many times over with others opening up about their abuse as well as the founders story, and in starting up this organization. The fact that we are of different generations is mind boggling because it shows that time doesn't matter when it comes to abuse. It has been happening for generations. Abuse back in the 70's was something that didn't come out in the open, hence not having a clue as to how to deal with it. There was no social media back then where we can read articles to inspire us to come forward. We didn't have the resources then that we have now where we can call for help, and find ways to heal. I mean...who did we have the guts to talk to back then to tell what was happening to us? I know I didn't have anyone. I was too scared, and confused. 32 years ago I wasn't able to defend myself, or have the courage to say anything to anyone including my own mother (that came later.) Having this organization available today to bring awareness to those who have suffered from any kind of child abuse is a blessing, and I'm hoping that it will conquer the stigma of child abuse in hopes that others will find the will on their own to come forward, and to know they're not alone. Unfortunately it happens to so many of us, but in today's society it seems to be more common for children of our current generation to come forward and tell us that someone is sexually abusing them. I know that for me I have taught my kids that if something is being done to them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable or  handles them in places that is inappropriate to never be afraid to tell anyone...especially me. The one thing I will say to them is never, ever think that I'll never believe them...because I will. 

In the past few months since learning about the stitch I have followed them on Instagram, and am amazed at how many people are opening up, and coming in for counseling. This is the reason why I purchased the kit, and why I support The Stitch because the cause is too real, and too important to be ignored. What I like about it is that the funds go to those who are in need of counseling, and I'll tell ya...if I can be of any help to them I'm there. I will always be on a mission to help find ways to conquer sexual abuse, and ways to find comfort in healing. Not all of us are lucky, and as I was reading a post on one of the grams about how someone committed suicide brought back memories. Memories of the time I attempted it. Like I said...the cause is too real. Whether you're a survivor, or a supporter it's so important to open our eyes because child abuse is never-ending. I always remind myself that I am a survivor, not a victim. 

There are moments where I look back at the time in my life when it all started, and how long it took for me to heal.  Times when I'll look at myself in the mirror, and say to myself I made it. I'm 43, and I made it. It seems surreal at times because of the way my life is right now. Moments when I say to myself that I found a life that is too good to be true. 

Therefore it's important to wear the stitch in a place that will remind me of how hard it took for me to get over the fear of opening up publicly 32 years later about my abuse. A place where I will be reminded of the strength it took to make it this far in life without turning into a complete mess. 

A place where it will never fade way...just like my story. 

These small matchbox kits has a red stitch sticker inside of them, and I decided to stick it on one of my journals to remind me of survival and strength. 
I love it, and boy does it feel empowering! 

With it being a new year it is my hope that more of us will come forward, and be unafraid to speak of any sexual abuse we may have endured. So that the healing process can be begin, because if I made can you! 

Love to all. xxxooo

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