Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sewing The Stitch With My Family.

While Sierra was in town over holiday break we found some time to gather around to sew "the stitch" onto a place where it is noticeable, and to remind us of why we wear it. I had been waiting for this moment to accomplish this 10 month goal with Sierra since last summer, but since she didn't come home then we had to wait until Christmas. I had sent her a kit early last year, & when the matchbox kits came out I got three more for the kids & Jon for Christmas. 

As many of you are aware of the abuse I endured I gave these to my kids to make them aware as to why I support this cause. My youngest daughter who'll be 10 this week understands what sexual abuse is. Her words in defining sexual abuse are, "Sexual abuse is when someone touches the private parts of your body and hurts you." She may be young, but I have taught her to understand and know the difference between good touching & bad touching. 

Jon stitched his on his beanie. He was so excited that he took a selfie of it! He hardly takes any pictures so this meant a lot to me. He knows of everything that has happened to me in my life and wanted to wear this on behalf of anyone who has suffered any kind of sexual abuse. What a guy!!
I managed to start sewing he stitch on my church bag, but because the material was so thick, and with a sore thumb couldn't finish it. So my very supportive, and sweet husband offered to stitch it for me, and it turned out great! 
Lexie and Sierra both worked so hard in sewing the stitch on there Neff beanies. They were getting s little frustrated because of how they were stitching it (such perfectionists), but in the end accomplished it! They took a picture with their dad, and I can tell that they were all so appreciative of why they did it, and the meaning behind that bold colored orange stitch. 
I am so grateful for The Stitch, and for what it stands for. I pray that more of us will come forward with our voice, and speak our silence. I want y'all to know that you are not alone, and to know that there are so many of us out there who knows, and understands how someone feels when they have been violated in a way that makes them feel like they can't turn around, and start their life over. 

Matt Pipkin (the founder of the stitch), myself, along with countless others are proof that we are survivors, and that we made it through the abuse. Just keep hanging on, and with strength, prayer, and most of all hope...we can stand strong and persevere! 

You can read my story here, and all the story about the stitch here

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