Monday, January 12, 2015

January Cold.

There's something about the winter months that makes you look forward to spring, and makes you want to get out and play. Knowing that we only have three months of winter puts my mind at ease because I know that the next season will eventually show herself. 

I love the cold weather. 

I love the way the cold looks on the trees. The fact that I live in a place where we have the four seasons makes me appreciate the cold. I fell in love with the change of seasons when I moved to Utah 20 years ago. I love how every season transitioned into another, and how the trees would turn vibrant colors in the fall, and how the dew, and snow make the leaves on trees, and flowers picturesque in the winter & spring. 

And Summer! I love summer too! So having winter helps me look forward to the heat! 

Growing up in Texas we had absolutely no winters. No change of seasons, and no change of colors in leaves. Just summer all year round, with a side of cool nights during November and December!! So the fact that I've been surrounded with the four seasons for half of my life has got me spoiled, and I absolutely don't mind, and love the cold. 

Winter is even funner when you have small kids. Last week when the temperatures dropped to about 13 degrees, I was a bit unprepared. I woke up to snow! I had no ice melter, just a shovel. I hurriedly drove to the store to buy ice melter as well as a small shovel for Noah. Noah saw them laying right next to the ice melter, and with the sweetest look on his face asked if I could buy one for him. He said, "I want to be like daddy, and shovel snow too!" He looked so eager, and I didn't hesitate for one second in buying it. I bought him the shovel, and quickly drove home as careful as possible as to prevent any accidents, immediately got out of the car, and began to shovel what snow had already fallen. I then sprinkled some ice melter all over our steps, and driveway. Noah was super excited when I bought him a shovel. He immediately began to help me out. The whole time he was shoveling he kept saying, "I'm just like daddy mom shoveling this snow." Except on this day daddy went to work early, and mommy had to shovel the snow. If you're all bundled up wearing the proper attire, shoveling snow is no hard task. It's a good thing we don't have a sidewalk otherwise there would have been extra shoveling, but it was pretty fun shoveling snow with a five year old.  

And he went to town shoveling snow with that little shovel of his! 
The cold never seems to bother him as witnessed on this post. I swear this kid could be outside all day playing with his sister in the cold. I don't know what it is with kids. It's like they're their own heater or something. 

As soon as Chelsea got home she wanted to play in the snow, and was a tad bit jealous that she didn't get to shovel any of  it. I said to her that we didn't even get that much. I can see the bits of grass underneath it! They both decided to play in it, always make the best of what little snow falls, and had too much fun!

Noah wanted to bring half of his cars and trucks outside to play with in the snow. He decided that the small cars can't drive in the snow, and only played with one of his dump trucks. Good choice Noah!
We haven't had a major snow storm...yet, but I'm making sure we are prepared just in case we have another snowstorm like the one we had last year. Seeing my son help this mama shovel some snow made me happy, and having him doing it on his motive made me even more happier! 
Best six bucks I've ever spent on this kid so far this winter! 

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