Friday, January 30, 2015

Thanks For The Snow Day, Juno!

So the day after the so called epic blizzard we woke up expecting to find at least 30 inches of snow on the ground, but instead only had about six! This so called "epic blizzard" wasn't as historic or crippling as we thought it would be. It seemed like like the whole state of New Jersey was in a panic with streets shutting down at 11pm, and if you were caught driving after 11pm on the roads you got a citation. We were pretty prepared with all the necessities, but had a calm assurance that we'd be okay, and we were. Schools were canceled, and even though this blizzard was a hoax we had a pretty good snow day with the family. Heck...even UPS was closed. Jon had a nice break from work, but at the same time when he awoke to take a look outside he said, "so this is the storm of the century huh guys, we totally could have driven today." Roads were not bad at all, and as soon as we were leaving the house Jon's cell phone rings, and it's UPS calling him to go into work for late pick ups. Luckily he had a couple of hours to spare to go sledding with us, and we were so excited. I love sledding with the kids, and no matter how old we all get it gets more funner! Noah seemed to have had more fun this year than last year. Probably because of the snowsuit we got for him. Keeping a toddler warm is crucial in extreme cold weather, and he had a blast taking turns going down the hill with all of us. That is until his cheeks, and hands turned red.  
I can't seem to find a decent pair of gloves that fit him, and so we have been using socks as mittens (don't laugh!) I brought a few extra pairs because they kept getting wet with snow. That didn't last very long as I ran out of dry "sock mittens" and then Noah started to fuss without whining. He's so sweet when he fusses. It's not a loud fuss, but a quiet one. He'll quietly in a low toned voice said, "mommy I want to go home, I'm tired, and my hands are too cold." We were out for almost two hours,  and since Jon had to go into work we were done sledding for the day.  

So here are a few photos from our "epic" Blizzard of 2015...

Thanks for the snow day, Juno! 

Happy Weekend! 

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