Monday, January 5, 2015

Our family & tree on #heynataliexmastrees.

Even though Christmas of 2014 is over, and we already rang in 2015 I wanted to share the fact that this cool gal  (I'd say awesome chic, but once I called someone a chic she got offended so I won't call her that!) featured my cute son in a picture while decorating our tree, and me and the kids while tree picking. I have been following her blog for a couple of years now, and really enjoy her musings as a mom of the cutest four year old (i can say cutest four year old, because Noah is five which makes him the cutest five year old ha ha!) who is almost 13 years younger than me! As I was scrolling down looking at pictures of beautifully decorated trees I wasn't expecting to see any of my pics on there, and then tada...I saw not one, but two pictures of members of our family. So sweet, and thoughtful of her to have chosen us. I honestly forgot that each year she chooses photos to be featured on her blog. All the trees that she posted which you can see here were so nicely decorated. Really appreciate her including a little piece of us on her post of #heynataliejeanxmastrees!

Thanks again Natalie for featuring us on your #heynataliejeanxmastrees blog post!

Continue on in enjoying the new year everyone!

Happy Monday!

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