Monday, March 14, 2016

Beach Day On An Early Spring Day.

Last week the weather here in the east was absolutely amazing! When I heard the weather was going to be in the high 70's I was figuring a day when the kids and I could go for a drive to the beach so they can remember that life is not always spent indoors, and so that can get a taste of what our summer will look like. I'm sure they haven't forgotten, but I know that they have both been cooped up in the house most of winter because of nasty illnesses, and so when the sunshine came into play i knew we just had to get out and go to the beach! 
It's funny how we forget what sand between our toes feels like, the sound of seagulls flocking, and waves crashing. Maybe that's why I have "the sounds of nature" on my playlist for emergencies like this. Especially on days when I'm feeling stress. There's something about hearing birds chirping, the sound of waterfalls, and waves crashing that eases the mind, and relieves any tension we may be experiencing in our life. Going to the beach on this day was the perfect remedy for the week I've had, and the hour drive was totally relaxing for me. Especially when you've got good tunes playing. If i lived even 20 minutes from the beach I'd be there everyday after school to read a book while the kids did their homework, and then play for a while adding in a dinner picnic for good measure. The kids were extremely happy that we went, and Noah was so excited to take his scooter, and ride it along the boardwalk. 
 // The pirate ship slide is their favorite! Can't you tell??? //

I made this little video of my twosome playing around in the park, and then on to the beach. They sure do love it here, and if it wasn't for the weather getting a bit nippy we could have been here all evening. We also had to get back in time for Lexie's musical. As always we miss Lexie when we venture out on outings like this, but it's hard for her to get away when we want to escape the world on a school night. She's a busy, busy girl! 
I randomly asked a stranger if she could take our picture. I had seen her earlier snapping photos on the beach with a really nice camera, and could tell she was somewhat of a photographer. Her mother mentioned that she was and that she is very good at it, and she obliged to take our picture.
I took a few myself of the kids, and love the look on their faces as their on the beach, especially when they are staring out into the ocean. 
And a selfie with Chelsea because I forgot my selfie stick, and also because Chelsea's like, "we don't need that thing." 

These two wanted to pose for the camera without me telling them, and then have me take a picture of them making a funny face. I'm telling you when you have these two together they truly are goofballs, and know how to have a good time! Not to mention getting along without any bickering! Thank heavens for beaches! 
This sweet boy...
...and his cute, little face. I sure do love him so much. I seriously pinch myself at times making sure that this life of mine is real because having a boy in the mix of my three girls is sometimes too good to be true. 

But it is, and I love him, and all of his sisters so, soooooooo much.
Days like this are seriously the best, and I sure am one lucky momma! 
Here's to looking forward for more days like this all summer long at one of our happy places!! 

Have a wonderful week folks!  

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