Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lexie Lately.

The last time I wrote about Lexie was about a year ago, and I feel as if I have neglected to blog about her. My blogging tends to shift in a different direction as the kids get older (especially when you're beginning to realize that they are somewhat of a private person, and don't care to be the center of attention.) But I'm a mother, and aren't parents supposed to boast about their kids (wink, wink.) I've realized that I don't have to blog about every single little thing that my kids are involved in. I've realized that it's 'time without the camera'is what matters the most especially when it comes to teenagers. I'm too busy paying attention to the conversations Lexie and I have, and when we go to the movies, or lunch together I'm not always "snapping" or taking a picture of the huge bag of popcorn we shared. I've kind since realized that once my kids reach their teens that those years are the most crucial. When I spend time with Lexie we are too busy talking, and laughing that the thought of taking a picture is not on my mind. Okay, maybe I'll take one picture, but sometimes it stays trapped on my phone, and I don't put it out there for the world to see. However, I did want to write a little bit about her today, because she's just so amazing, and I'm so pleased in how she's leading her life so far. As much as her younger sibs want her to come with us to the park, museum, or a movie she's been too busy with school. Instead of having our chick-fil-a fix after school together we have to bring it to her at school. This whole year for her has been super duper busy with extra, extra curricular activities. This week is 'tech week' and due to musical rehearsal which means she'll be at the school until 10pm or later! In all honesty I can't wait until  this week is over so she can catch up on her sleep. I honestly don't know how these kids do it nowadays with all that they do. Her day literally begins at 5am with early morning seminary,(although she's missed two days so far because of staying up until 1am doing homework) sorry seminary teacher, but she needs her sleep! and it surprises me that as we say our family prayer before she leaves for school that she's wide awake, and that's without any caffeine! She's so smart, and really loves learning. Sure there are a few things that may bother her about a certain subject in school, but nonetheless she devotes her time and energy on her school work, and works really hard. 

She recently received two invitations from Johns Hopkins, and Harvard University to attend a summer medical program. She's trying to decide which one to attend, and that requires writing a few essays so she can get the scholarship. She was nominated by alumni who attended those universities, and were impressed with her high PSAT scores, and overall academic achievements. Receiving those invitations, and being acknowledged is a testament to her hard work in studying and focusing on her education before anything else. We're so proud of her and her accomplishments that she's been receiving this early in high school, and who knows where she'll be when she graduates. If her heart is still in the medical field at that time, and chooses that on her motive it'll be because she loves it! I know that her junior year will be the most challenging especially since she'll be taking all AP classes including anatomy, and statistics! She's pretty good at finding a balance in all the things that she does, and knows when enough is enough. She'll listen to her body when its tired, and that's one thing she has a talent in is listening!

We do look forward to her performance this week in the musical "The Little Mermaid" as well as her jazz competitions that she has all spring. It'll be interesting to see, and look forward for fun evenings ahead to last us throughout the school year...including piano, and violin recitals!

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