Monday, March 21, 2016

Scottish, Not Irish...A Be-Lated St. Patrick's Day Post.

I'm not one to celebrate big on St. Patrick's Day for the mere fact that we are not Irish. I thought that my husband had some Irish in him but after looking at his long line of ancestry they all descend from Scotland,  Denmark, and Hungary. Which makes him Scottish, and Hungarian. I thought that was pretty cool, and even more cool finding out that my ancestors come from Madrid Spain, but that's a whole other blog post. 

Regardless of having no Irish decent in us, I do have a soft spot for St. Paddy's day, and did make it a fun, simple day for the kids. Thanks to Pinterest I got the idea from this blog of  buying some Lucky Charms cereal, and printing out a little printable tag letting my children know that this cereal is magically delicious! 
It was really fun for the kids, and they were so pleased with the minimal decorations that we had including this cute little leprechaun that I've had for like 15 years since Lexie was a baby. I told them a little bit about what St. Patrick's is all about, and why we wear green, and why the clovers, and why leprechauns are not real. When I put our little green man up, Noah asked if he could touch him, and I told him that he could, and that he's not like Miles (our elf on the shelf), and mentioned that our leprechaun is good, and that he's in our house to bring us good luck That's all! 
Regardless of what teachers say to our kids in school about leprechauns making messes in the home I certainly wasn't going to start any tradition where our leprechaun moves about in our house. No thank you. I only do that once a year with our little Elf Miles.  However, I was satisfied with Noah finishing his project making this leprechaun at home. I'm grateful that my kids "got it", and that they enjoyed this simple holiday of eating lucky charms, and having simple fun by being all goofy. I had fun capturing these candid photos of them eating their cereal, and then tossing gold coins on them pretending it was real money. 
As you can see Lexie isn't in any of these photos. She was at school while all this was happening, and failed to be in the picture due to going to school early forgetting that her breakfast was on the counter ready for her to eat! Then again she's not one to eat early in the morning, and as usual stayed after school for her extra curricular activities! Luckily there's more holidays like Easter for her to be in more pictures with us! 
Since St. Patrick's Day, and Easter are back to back holidays, I focus more on the Easter holiday. It's so hard to put up two sets of decorations especially when they fall in the same month. One thing for sure is that as soon as st. Paddy's day was over I put more of my Easter decorations up. And no, it's not a lot of bunnies, plastic eggs, but more Christ centered. I always look forward to the Easter holiday in hopes that my children will remember the true meaning of Easter. 

Hope y'all had a nice St. paddy's day, and a wonderful week as well! 

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