Monday, March 7, 2016

Life Lately In Pictures.

What a winter we've been having with crazy temps, rain, and even a small snowfall. The change of weather hasn't helped with our immune system, and I've have been spraying the heck of our house with Lysol lately. It still seems as if old man winter is still on life support, and hanging on until the end, but all i have to say is that as much as I love winter, and how fun it can be with kids, being sick along with two kids isn't the funnest, and I'm pretty ready for spring. Living in a 1400 square foot house where the bedrooms are literally 10 feet away from each other is a cause for everyone to get sick. 
Especially Noah. Luckily he's feeling better, and that everyone else is pretty much getting over their illnesses.  
I had lunch with a friend this past week, and we both needed some much needed girl time. We both vented to each other about our issues, life, family, and overall kept it positive with the things we can do to lift each other up. I have so much appreciation for this life I have as a mother because it's so true how we tend to take ourselves for granted. I have come to the realization that I do need time for myself, and that it's okay to take time away from our kids. 
Going to the temple when it was closed a couple of weeks ago still gave me that insight that I needed. It didn't matter that we didn't go inside. All I needed was to step on the grounds of this beautiful building to remind me that everything in this life is worth it. That my whole life truly is the big picture, and that it's up to me to always make the best of it. And lately I've been feeling pretty great! 

Noah and Chelsea seem to be getting it together these days, as well as being a little too independent. I blame it on "growing up."
Noah and Chelsea decided to invent "pancake day." They just started it this past week when they came home from school hungry, ( i fear the teenage years with these two!), and even though I have a few snacks they asked if they could make pancakes, and if they could start making them from now on. I had to pause for a moment, because I just can't believe that my two youngest are growing up! Of course I said yes, and snapchatted the whole thing. They were too fun to watch! 
Noah is beginning to understand a little bit of what a cub scout (scouts) is all about. I have been preparing him little by little as to what it is, and showed him pictures, badges, and certificates including Jon's eagle. Noah was excited, and kept saying, "am i going to get badges like that, and a eagle too?" I said to him as long as you keep putting forth the effort in learning every year on a certain topic yes, you will be getting merit badges like this, and most definitely an eagle like papa's." Then he asked what a merit badge was! I'll let Jon explain more to him on that later! Anyway, when I mentioned how he also gets to build his own wooden car, and races it against other cars he was excited! I bought him a pre-made car in which all he had to do was put it together, and paint it. He was thrilled when I brought it home, and had a fun time assembling it. 
I'm also grateful that my kids entertain themselves when they "get bored." I have to admit I haven't heard those words uttered too much in the house lately. I found these bricks that make a temple which are kind of like legos at the book store. It only took him an hour or so. He enjoyed putting it together with the help of big sis. 
And coloring!! I thank whoever invented coloring books because the kids have enjoyed coloring, and even drawing while being cooped up in the house due to raining so much the past couple of weeks!
We also saw the Philly temple a couple of weeks ago, and the scaffold was down which means it's almost done! I saw recent photos with the sign that read "Holiness to the Lord", and with just a few more preparations such as putting in the furnishings in the temple should be all ready for August. Hopefully the weather cooperates! This will truly be an enormous celebration not only for us LDS folk, but for the city as well! 
When I got my haircut the other day, I stumbled upon this cute little store in Haddonfield called Hooked. I love yarn, and because I fell in love with the Purl shop in Soho a few years ago, I was wishing they had a store like that in Jersey, and I found one! I may not be the greatest knitter, but I'm willing to pick it up again. They have classes starting soon, and you better believe I'll be going to one! 
 /// And we can't get enough of this book. I sure love the Easter season! ///
All i know is that I'm looking forward to spring. I wish we could have made time to go to the poconos to have more fun in the snow, but we obviously settled for the first snow we got in January, and made the best of it. Maybe next year we'll make it back to Utah to have fun in "real" snow, and really take advantage of it!
I am grateful for playgrounds, and bike trials to go scooting around on, because even when it's 40 degrees out the kids don't mind playing, but still...I think 60 degrees is better, and and all you need is a hoodie! 

Which it looks like that's all we are going to need this week because temps are going to be in the 70's!! woohoo!!!

Happy Monday, and have a great week folks! 

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