Wednesday, March 2, 2016


While shopping at Target Noah kept bugging me that he wanted me to buy him something. Here is our little conversation as we were "shopping" around.

Me: "what would like me to buy for you papa?"
Noah: "it starts with a t."
(I played the guessing game for awhile.)
Me: "tennis racket, thomas the train, train track, tambourine??"
Noah: "nooooooooooo, I want a transformer robot."
Me: But you already have a transformer robot."
Noah: "But I want Optimus Prime."
Me: You already have three optimus primes Noah."
Noah: "Well, I want four then."

After wearing the same vans for about a year, it was seriously time to order Noah new shoes. I found some online, and when they arrived we were taking them out of the box, and as he was putting one shoe on realized there was paper inside. While taking the paper out of his shoes he said, "mom, why do people put trash inside new shoes?" 

So this is a sign from Noah which tells me that I probably need to tighten my abs just a bit more...

I was reading him a story, and cuddling with him when all of a sudden he felt that I was "soft." He patted my belly, and started singing, "mommy's got a wiggly belly, a wiggly belly." esteem went down a few notches. So looking forward to warmer temps so that we can go walking again!

Noah was helping me scrapbook the other day, and I was putting a few certificates, cards, and photos in their scrapbooks had an interesting question about babies, and how they came out of our bodies. Here's our  short "adult" convo...

Noah: "mommy, was I in your belly with all my sisters?"
Me: No, y'all were born at different times.
Noah: "how are babies born, and did I come out of your belly?
Me: "yes."
Noah: "did it hurt?"
Me: " no, because they had to give me some medicine so I wouldn't feel the pain when they cut me to get you out."
Noah: "They cut youuuuuuuuuu?? Did I get cut too?"
Me: "Yes ,they cut me. Your feet were at the bottom so they had to cut my belly to get you out. But you didn't get cut. You were covered in a little bit of blood though."
Noah: "blood???"
Me: "but they cleaned you up, and afterwards handed you to me, and you were so clean, and cute."
Noah: "Cleeeeaaaaan, and yeah...I am cute."

Love this kid of mine!!

Happy Wednesday! 

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