Monday, March 28, 2016

A Few Photos From Our Easter Weekend!

Sometimes I surprise myself at all the things i pack into my days especially when it comes to holidays, and celebrations. The Easter season has made it to the top of the list as one of my favorite holidays, and because we tend for it to be more focused on Christ I don't go overboard with giving too much to the kids except my time, and a simple little Easter egg hunt.

And taking lots of pictures too!

And this little video I made from all my snapchats!  

This past Saturday we had ourselves a little Easter egg hunt right before women's conference, and I have to say it was a success! One thing I give myself a ton of pats on the back is for the fact that I'm pretty good at being organized, and to not rush something that is special for the kids. We drove to a nearby park, and I kept an eye on the kiddos while Jon and Lexie hid the eggs. We had 29 eggs and 11 of them had pieces of paper inside with the story of Christ. 

Here are a few photos of our little easter egg hunt...
// she found one! //
// so did he!  //
Having those extra 11 eggs with the pieces of paper of the Story of Christ inside is tradition and every year as the kids get older they become more interested and understanding in appreciating the Saviors sacrifice, and knowing more about who He is and why we are here. Noah had so many questions when we were done after putting all the pieces of paper in order to read the story of Christ. Jon was explaining to Noah how He healed the sick, and fed the poor, and that He had a perfect body after he was resurrected. Noah's response was, "I like Jesus." And asked questions such as, "Am I clean? I'm going to have a perfect body too!" I couldn't help, but to laugh at his little Noahisms, but you think about how children have such a vivid imagination, and a mind of their own. It's interesting to hear their own interpretation of why they are here, and the silly questions they may ask, but it's only because they are curious, and want to learn more. I love that Noah has such a big imagination, and that his mind has room for so many unanswered questions. He loves the fact that every video he's seen of Jesus is filled with light, and little kids, and how "clean" Jesus looks in every picture we show him. I love teaching our children about the Savior and the true meaning as to why we celebrate Easter.
 // assembling all the pieces of paper of the story of Christ in order. //
// along with his favorite candy...jellybeans! //
//Easter egg hunt accomplished! //

I also have to add in that I'm relieved that my kids never really believed in the Easter bunny. My two oldest realized that when they were about four years old. I'd take them to get their photos taken with the Easter bunny at the mall and when Sierra saw that there was a person inside the costume she knew it was fake, and that was fine with me! Saved me about 25 bucks every year for the next 17 years in taking pictures with a person wearing a bunny suit. 

I have to say that our Easter holiday is more beautiful and meaningful when we don't involve all the worldly stuff. Sure we have an egg hunt, confetti eggs, and candy in the making, but making it Christ centered brings more peace, less bickering when it comes to who got the most eggs, light, love, and smiles that last all spring long. 

Spending our Easter Sunday with dear friends was the icing on the cake. Since we don't have immediate family close by, having my dear friend Maggie whom I've known for almost 25 years, and her son over for dinner was very much needed! It sure was long overdue!!
Noah had so much fun having Nate over. "It's like having a big brother" said Noah, and the kids all had fun playing games. Just like they did when they were all younger! 
These two have been friends since birth. They are only six months apart. Can't believe how grown everyone looks int these photos, and of course there's Noah photo bombing the picture with his light saber. 
Kids also enjoyed making confetti eggs. This is also tradition, and no matter how tired I may get in remembering to save the egg shells six months before it's so worth it, and the outcome is fun as heck! We tricked Maggie and Nate about not making any this year, and were sneaky when we cracked them on their heads! It was so fun. Didn't capture any moments of that, but snapped a bunch of moments of it on my snapchat. If it's still there you can view it @ r_jorgensen
 // Noah's task was putting the confetti inside the egg shells. He broke one on accident while trying to decorate it, and would rather deal with the confetti. //
// Jon and Lexie were the ones who prepared Easter dinner, and I'm just so lucky to have these two who are always willing to help out, and contribute. Especially when it comes to cooking! /Then again...Jon always does the cooking! //
// and this sour cream chocolate chip cake that Maggie made! Mouth watering! //
// I apologize for the blurry photo of my dark eyed little boy, but had to share. The smile on his face with a look that says, "feeling accomplished" was so sweet to see. He could have had easter egg hunts all year long! //

I'm so grateful for the Savior, and for teaching my kids all about Him, and for them to know that there's so much more to learning, and appreciating the Lord's gospel than all the candy they get that's filled inside their easter eggs. 
And for a husband who is such a great role model for my boy, and girls in teaching them all about the Savior. 

Hope y'all had an amazing Easter weekend! 

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