Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Date Day & The Philadelphia Temple.

You know spring is in the air when you see construction workers on the streets, construction sites open with a jackhammer hammering in the background, playgrounds full of kids, and dog walkers. Your neighbor mowing the lawn, and a long line of cars at the car wash. Yep, spring is definitely in the air especially when you are now walking your kid to the bus stop instead of driving because you were just too cold to walk two blocks and stand around for ten minutes! Seeing Noah picking up sticks, and finding the perfect rocks to collect asking me, "Mom, when I come home from school can we go to the park so I can ride my scooter, and pick more rocks?" is a sure sing that spring is on its way for good.

And that makes me super cheerful!

When I saw the weather forecast for this past week I was amazed at the temperatures being in the 70's & 80's. It's amazing what spring does to our moods, and I had been itching to go to the temple ever since they took off the scaffold and put up the sign "Holiness to the The Lord, The House of the Lord."

Since Jon has one day off a week (it happened to be on Tuesday) I was like, "we're going to Philly to see the temple!" We decided to take the train in, and walked around and took in this beautiful weather. Walking down the streets of Philly seeing people eating at the sidewalk caf├ęs and walking through Rittenhouse Park with people laying on the lawn reading books, having lunch, listening to headphones is so refreshing. To see that again after enduring the winter months brings nothing but renewal and happiness to my soul because that means no more being cooped up in the house, and storing away your winter clothes. As much as I complain about how I long for fall when it begins to get hot, and how much I long for spring when I grow weary of winter I love the change of season. And that's part of life when you live in a place where they have the four seasons. Thing about it is that I tend to appreciate the seasons more when they change. And with each season comes a change of renewal with my mood and on this day I was ecstatic!!
First thing we did when we arrived was grab some grub! We were starving, and had been craving a really good burger so we decided to eat at one of our favorite places, and of course as much as I repeat this I'll say it again...I love this place, and I can never get enough of their crinkled fries! Bless your heart shake shack for not replacing them with shoestring fries, or any type of fry!

We continued to venture out towards the temple, and I was getting giddy as we were getting closer. I know I sound like a broken record on repeat when it comes to temples, and how much good they bring into my life, but if you only knew the true joy it brings for me, and my family you'd want it too, and most likely be bearing your soul about it. I can't help but to express my gratitude, and appreciation for these beautiful buildings that are being built upon the earth specifically for us so that we can come closer to Christ as well as help our family members who have passed on so that they can have a chance at everlasting happiness. To bless our attitudes, and view on this mortal life we live. Such an amazing blessing, and i can't wait to continue to do some of the work inside this temple!
We saw the temple from the Franklin Institute, and it is absolutely beautiful. The architecture, and color of the temple is perfect. The circled windows remind me of the salt lake temple which is my favorite. Call me bias, but it's my favorite because that's the temple my family, and I were sealed in. As we were walking around the "Philly temple square" (that's what I call it) I almost, almost felt as if I was home. All that's missing is the mountains and, a big, huge conference center!!

And a few more photos of this beauty from different angles...
Again, I'm so thankful that the mayor finally came to an agreement with our former stake presidency five years ago to finally build this temple.
And I have a feeling it's going to do the city of brotherly love a whole lotta good!

You can watch the Philadelphia temple progressing from the the time it broke ground , until now here here, and here.

I invite all my friends near and far to attend the open house, and if you can make it log onto here for the open house dates. If you're wondering, or are curious as to what temples are all about, and ask yourself, "why is Rosie always excited about her faith" I advise you to please join us. I guarantee you'll feel peace, and once you step foot inside that temple I guarantee you'll be saying to yourself, "no wonder."

Have a wonderful weekend!

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