Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Little Mermaid.

As much as I dislike how late the teacher/director keeps the kids late from school every single year when it comes to the high school plays due to rehearsals especially when it comes to extra curricular activities I always look forward to the high school musical. I recall being in a drama class once throughout my high school career, but we didn't have any plays or musicals so it's always a thrill to see what musical my kids school are going to do next in this generation. 

I'm amazed at the stamina and energy these kids have when it comes to wanting to be a part of something they love. Being in the high school musical requires a lot of hard work in auditioning for the part, memorizing lines, endless hours of rehearsals, and hoping to hit those high notes while singing. 
And all these kids did an amazing job! 

Luckily "tech week" doesn't last for too long, and that the exhaustion only lasts for a couple of weeks. I can't even imaging the life of a broadway actor, because in their case they do shows that last for years, and years! It's amazing to see how, no matter how stressful those weeks of rehearsing can get that at the end of the day, things work out, fall into place, and that the show is terrific. 

Regardless of all those late, and sleepless nights Lexie always makes the best out of every activity, and in this case the role that she was chosen for the musical this year was one that she was pleased with. She always makes the best of each role no matter what part she plays, and enjoys being a part of something she enjoys. She did her very best in hitting that high note in the end, and did a pretty good job. 
This year she played one of the princesses, Sleeping Beauty in the Little Mermaid.
Since I didn't come early enough to get a good seat in the front I didn't take too many photos, but I managed to save a few blurry ones from my Snapchat, and the one I posted at the top I stole from the school's Facebook page! 

She was cute playing one of the fishes under the sea, and even more beautiful as a princess. She really enjoyed being a part of this production, and looks forward to the musical next year.
Each year we are proud of all her accomplishments, and even though she's like a zombie throughout those weeks of rehearsal she says those late nights of rehearsing are worth it, because she enjoys being a part of something she enjoys doing all in the name of fun! 

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