Friday, March 4, 2016

The Holy Week: A Wonderful Book For Families During The Easter Season!

Oh the perks of having family in Utah is that they can gift you with things right before it hits our neck of the woods. 

My mother in law gifted us this book, and I am so inspired! I love everything about it. The art, the stories of Christ, the smorgasbord of ideas, scriptures, and spiritual activities in which we can engage our children in so that they can become more familiar with Christ's death, and remember Him. Easter is definitely a time to celebrate. Celebrate in the most humbling way possible. As much as we love to crack confetti eggs on each others heads, wear springy clothes, and have a wonderful easter feast, feasting on the words of Christ, and His resurrection is what we truly focus on. 

This book has so many moments of reflection that takes us all the way back to His mortality. Along with scriptures, there are depictions of photos which describe the purpose of that story. Just like the Christmas season there are many ways in which we can apply Christ into our lives, and not just lavish in the worldly part of the holiday. The easter season is the same way for me. I love celebrating, and learning at the same time. With the Easter holiday approaching this is a wonderful guide for families to bond, and be enlightened. For both the parent, and child to learn together, and become closer not only as a family, but to Christ as well. 

It implements ideas for family home evening, and in my opinion can be seriously used not just during the Easter season, but all year round as well. 
Our favorite idea in the book has been the Golden Egg Hunt. We have a similar tradition that we've been doing since the girls were little, and we call it "the empty tomb" in which requires finding the empty white egg. It's a cute story, and the kids love doing it. The Golden Egg Hunt described in the book is similar to ours except their egg is gold, and ours is white! I think we'll add making the "empty tomb rolls" afterwards since we can't get enough of carbs! 

I highly recommend this book to all families, and whether you are religious or not, the crafts, and activities the kids can make will keep them occupied, and help them learn more about the Savior. Such a beautiful book, and I'm so happy my mother in law sent us one! It's so hard to make it to a Deseret Book store when it's two and a half hours away, and I'm so lucky to have family who can buy it for me within 10 minutes, and ship it within two days! 
I love surprises from my momma-in-law especially when it comes to anything that deals with books, and the Savior! 

Thank you Sue, and happy weekend to everyone! 

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