Thursday, June 9, 2016

What I'll Miss About South Jersey: Part Three

One of the perks of having a UPS driver in the house is all the chocolate you get during the holidays, and in this case, the girls camp fundraiser. The ladies at Aunt Charlotte's Candies have been working here for years, and they treat my family like a gem. Especially my husband. Why? Because he delivers all their goodies, and treats, and because he's the most pleasant UPS driver they've had in a long time! They love him, and I'm so grateful for this wonderful lady who offered to help out my daughter in donating some goodies for her girls camp fundraiser. 
She was so kind as to donate a box of chocolates along with a gift certificate. She always spoils Jon when he comes in to make a delivery, and gives him his favorite which is peanut butter! Paige is the nicest lady, and was so kind as to give us a tour of the backroom where they stock up on all the homemade chocolate!!
These are my favorite! Cashew chocolate with caramel! Yum-o!! 
This store is absolutely amazing, and overwhelming in a good way. Not so good if you have a sweet tooth! Luckily for me I don't, but my kids do, and boy did I have to say "no" quite a bit! Note the look on Lexie's face. I don't think she was ready for a mirror selfie!
I felt sorry for Chelsea as she is so obedient in following the rules of what not to eat when it comes to her braces. As much as she wants those gummy bears, and caramel chocolates she has the will not to ask. And as much as I feel for her I have the will to not give in. She knows the rewards that come with keeping her teeth in good shape, and because she doesn't want them on longer than two years is being super obedient in not eating anything gooey, or sugary! 
This store is so nostalgic, and I love it! I love the squeaky hard wood floor as you walk along the store, and how the candy is all set up. I love how accommodating they are to their patrons, and how they have samples of chocolates sitting on their counter waiting for you to indulge. It totally feels like you're in a different era when entering in like it's the 50's or something except with lots of stuffed animals, and all the decor you need to make your house a home. 
Lexie found this owl which reminded her of Hedwig. Maybe I'll get it for her once we move. Shhhh.....
Noah kept asking me to buy this, and buy that. Candy, stuffed animals, and chocolate oh my!! I ended up buying his favorite which is swedish fish. I highly recommend buying them here over the ones in your local grocery stores. They are softer, and taste 10 times better. 
I don't care if we're an hour away. I will stop by every once in while and stock up on some swedish fish, and chocolate! This truly is the best candy store in South Jersey! So if you happen to plan a trip up here make sure you make a pit stop at Aunt Charlotte's Candies. They're not kidding when they say, "there is a delight in every bite!"

And I think the smile on Noah's face proves all too well that it is! 

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! 

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