Monday, April 20, 2015

Day Trip To Mystic.

Mystic is one of the most unique places in Connecticut, and one of my favorite places to go whenever I need to rejuvenate myself. It's quaint, with a tinge of New England culture. Although touristy, the people there are friendly and if you're into antiques, and beach wear the shops down main street are pretty fun. We tend to come here during the summer months, but this past Saturday we decided on an impulse to take a day trip with the kids. With school coming close to an end, and Lexie and Chelsea having almost every Saturday booked with school activities, jazz band competitions, recitals, and birthday parties we decided to just take off! We love everything about this place, and I just wish we had more time. More time to have gone on longer walks, or taken the kids to the aquarium, or the Pez factory in Orange, but with the four hour drive to and from there's only so much one can do in an entire day! My main goal, and purpose for this trip was the craving I had for Mystic Pizza. Yeah...the crazy things we do huh just for pizza! We love that place! In all the years we've been to Mystic that is the one place where we have to stop to grab a bite to eat, and it never disappoints! 
We took a walk all the way down main street passed the drawbridge, and went for a walk on the dock. There were moments when Noah would walk into a store and see something he liked, and wanted it! I told him we can't always buy him something every time we enter a store. He tends to get this way when we are on trips, and thinks he can get his way, but this time I put my foot down, and told him that we are not buying him anymore toys! He has way too many! We walked out of the store, and I found him like this. 
Luckily his resilience kicked in and got over it! So grateful for resilient children! I told him the next we come we can go to Mystical toys which is his favorite, but we didn't get there in time. We spent too much time on the dock, and the store had closed. We continued our walk and I captured a few photos of the kids, and we found an anchor! We've always had a love for anchors, and because the theme this year for our youth of the church deals with "embarking in the service of God"(hence the anchor connecting with that saying) they have become more popular in our home life! 

^^^ Mandatory picture of Noah getting out of the shot so he doesn't photobomb it, but to no avail. I captured it! ^^^
It was such a beautiful spring day, and a perfect day for a road trip! Wish we could have stayed an entire week! So looking forward to the summer months so we can do just that! 

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Hope y'all had a nice weekend!

Happy Monday! 

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