Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I didn't even have to think twice about signing up Noah for tennis lessons. When I noticed the sign on the tennis courts that read "tennis for kids ages 5-7" I knew that after watching his two older sisters play tennis, and going to tennis practice with Lexie that he would be interested, and he was. 

This past Saturday was his first lesson, and I'll tell ya he got down the parts of the racket down to a tee. He knows where the throat of the racket is, and how to correctly hold the racket. His grip is pretty good, and the coach...what can I say about the coach. Only great things! He is awesome, and full of fun. I saw that he worked very well with the kids, and has a lot of patience with them.
They first warmed up by running side by side. Totally reminded me of when Sierra first started going to tennis practice. I was like, "why are they running side by side, and backwards? Shouldn't they just pick up the racket and start hitting?" I understand now that it's more than just holding a racket, and hitting balls with it, and why they need to warm up that way. 

I was not surprised that Noah did so well on his first day. Granted he had to be called out a couple of times to make sure he was wearing his bracelet on the right hand so that the coach can determine the lefties from the righties. The fact that there is a playground next to the courts didn't help either. That distracted him for a bit, but after the coach made it super fun to learn about tennis, and once it was his turn to hit the ball Noah was fully attentive. You can see him hit the ball here

Not bad.
I love this time of year in the spring where the sun is shining, and the rain tends to subside. Such a perfect season  for tennis. For a whole hour it was nothing but fun, and games (literally.) All the kids played a "strength" game, and Noah had such a grand time with the other kids. He didn't show signs of being competitive...yet. 
I guess we'll have to wait and see.

He has four more lessons to go, and then it's summertime! 

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