Monday, February 13, 2017

An Evening With Stephanie Nielsen.

Last night the girls and I had the opportunity to hear New York Times best selling author, and global blogger Stephanie Nielsen at the chapel in Manhattan. I  have been following Stephanie Nielsen's blog since I started blogging back in 2011. I never knew about her tragedy until then which is shocking because having lived in Utah for so long you'd think I'd hear the news, but I was living in North Carolina at that time, and had no idea. Her story has inspired so many people worldwide, and I am one of them.
When I saw she was coming to speak in New York I gathered my girls to let them know, and said, "We are going!" There was not a dry eye in the room. I noticed Lexie crying throughout most of her talk which made me see that she has so much compassion for those who face major adversity. Both Stephanie, and her husband shared their story in a way that helped motivate our spiritual potential in looking at the big picture when one goes through such a trial. The way they hold their faith is beautiful, and the way she tells her story is hopeful for anyone who may be going through some kind of struggle. Her relentless faith, and passion for life has given me a different perspective in life, and inspired this 45 year old mother of four to be better...espeically when one faces adversity. 

Her husband Christian gave a talk on spiritual reserves, and how to have "deep reserves" when it comes to the scriptures, and how the source and strength that comes from the Savior is true. I love how he, and Stephanie have build their home around Christ, and how they are so devout in the faith, and how much they express their love for their children. I have to agree with Stephanie when she mentioned that without them having the gospel in their life, and having firm faith that they could have given up on themselves, their life, and their marriage. And that handling this situation would have been harder to endure. What an amazing story of survival, bravery, hope, and faith. 
After the talk was over my girls and I patiently waited in line to greet, and hug Stephanie, and to let her know what an inspiration she is to us! I love how she shares the gospel online, and is fearless when it comes to letting everyone know how much she loves the gospel. Her faith in the atonement, and relying faith in God's healing power of God is phenomenal, and she has so much appreciation for life. Her beauty radiates both inside and out, and she is absolutely amazing! She has come such a long way in the past nine years, and I'm so grateful for her testimony, an story that inspires, and will strengthen others. I am so happy that all of my girls have met her, and heard her story in person. My oldest daughter had the opportunity to see, and chat with her, and even take a photo with her and her family while she was in the MTC. Sierra was so happy for that opportunity! 

And we are super happy that we had that opportunity too! 

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