Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our Snow Day Went Like This...

The day started out at 6am this morning when I woke up to take Jon to work. There was sleet, and light snow. The forecast yesterday called for so many inches of snow, and it is now after 6pm, and it's all slushy now, and pretty much melting. The weather yesterday was a wonderful 60 degrees, and today it dropped all the way down to about 25! Brrr.

The wind has been howling all day, and the streets cleared up pretty quickly with all the snowplows in tow. I'm usually one who is prepared when it comes to weather like this, but in all honesty I wasn't this time. I figured if I have the staple food, and lots of bottled water we are good. Well, we woke up, and were hungry as heck. The kids were craving french toast. I looked in the fridge, and we had no eggs. We had milk, but no eggs. I looked in the bread box, and only had a half a loaf of bread. Talk about being a bit unprepared. Anyway, I began to call around breakfast places in my area to make sure they were open, because let's be real...I am not a fan of driving in the snow. I told myself if they were closed then we were just going to eat what we had. Luckily one of my favorite places was open, and the kids and I went and grabbed some grub. 
Because Netflix sometimes doesn't have the movies we like we went to a redbox, and rented a couple. While the kids were watching the new Ghostbusters movie Lexie was crocheting, and I was sort of dozing off because...sleepy winter weather. As soon as it was over I was completely awake, and saw Now You See Me Two, and then the kids went outside the frigid cold weather to play a little hide and seek. Even though It didn't matter to me how cold it was because I love capturing moments of these kids of ours. They seriously grow up way too fast that I want to snap every single thing they are doing. We did go for a walk behind our house, and Noah fell on the way back. He decided to sit there for a few minutes, and with his sisters behind him began to throw snow up in the air. It hit their faces, and they in return started throwing more at him! I had so much fun capturing these moments. I also shot this little video of Lexie running after Noah, and throwing a snowball at him! 
This girl is such a good sport when it comes to playing with her sibs.
And this sweet boy of ours... Love his smile!
And her goofiness.
Nothing but Sorels for when in the snow...the best kind of boot there is!
Not much of a snow day because of the amount of snow we got, but the kids will take a day off school any day especially when it snows, and it was such a fun day. My fingers were numb by the end of the taking of this photo, but all this capturing pictures mom stuff makes it all worth it. Love this kiddos! 

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