Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Britain Museum of American Art.

Attending the temple is one of my favorite things to do with my husband, but when we go as a family it is super special. Especially now that all my girls are of age to enter in. This past weekend we decided to take a day trip to Hartford. Lexie mentioned to us the other day how she has been going through withdrawal from the temple, and how she was in need of going.
She really missed us when we went to Philly to take Chelsea for the first time. I told her next time she doesn't have musical rehearsal we could go. Well, luckily she didn't have rehearsal last weekend, and that the breakfast planning for the youth was cancelled. We had planned to go to Manhattan, but their temple was closed for cleaning, and so we figured we'd take a trip to the Hartford temple. Also, one thing I have learned when preparing to go to a temple outside your district is to call before you go to make sure it's open! The girls were excited to go, and oh how wonderful it was to have stepped inside that temple again. I forgot how beautiful it was. Not only the interior, but being on the temple grounds always gives me a boost of energy, and good vibes

While the girls were inside with their dad Noah and I ended up passing time doing our own thing. We hung outside the temple for a bit, and then I remembered how there are quite a few museums within 15 minutes of the temple. I love New England for that purpose. There are so many places to visit, and explore. Even in the midst of winter one can venture out to unknown territory, and discover new places we've never been. We love art, and I decided to take Noah to the American Art museum in New Britain. It is a quaint and small museum, but worth the price. Kids 12 and under are free. It is so interesting to see various types of art particularly the ones that I'm familiar with such as Ansel Adams. He's a very well known american artist. We got to see the entire museum in under an hour. We had a lot of fun, and appreciated Noah's demeanor while looking at the paintings. He would constantly ask questions about certain pictures, and because he can't read big words yet, read him the depiction on the plaque behind the pictures. He found it very interesting as he does in almost every museum we go to. I captured a few moments of us exploring the world of american art. 

  In this sculpture President Lincoln holds a map and confers with his secretary of War, Edward Stanton, and General Ulysses S. Grant. I love the calm demeanor these three portray in the statue. 
  Noah seemed interested in the textile display. I'm thinking that's a four-harness loom where Sadie Neale would sit, and weave for hours on end! Quite the talent! 

Noah shot this of me! I told him to hold my phone so he could take a few photos of his own, (I seriously need to get this boy a camera) he captured one of me instead. 
I love this drawing of George Washington, and "his followers."
I really loved this day! Wish I could go back and relive it. Being sick the day after wasn't fun, and luckily I'm feeling better today to write about it. I love spending time with my family, and exploring the world with them. Time is all we have, and it's important to me to make the best of it. Attending the temple, and seeking places where we gain knowledge is my favorite thing to do. Especially with this little guy...

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