Friday, February 24, 2017

From Sight Words To Story Books.

When we first moved here, and heard that the schools in our area were a "no child left behind" school, and that the curriculum was somewhat rigorous I have to admit I was a bit nervous for the girls. Well, truth is I wasn't having an issue with the girls academic potential. It was Noah's. 

First of all Noah never went to preschool, and only had half a day kindergarten, and so when the principal called to let me know how he was not at the reading level as all the other kids I wasn't too surprised. He's smart in his own way, and my way of teaching him in the home since he was three was taking him to museums, playgrounds, the beach, zoos, reading to him (not the other way around), and allowing him to be a kid! After all he was six when he started Kindergarten, and when you're in Kindergarten for three hours they basically teach you sight words such as and, is, the, we, it, adding two numbers, and learning good manners. We'd read to him every night, and he would always look at the pictures, and describe what was in them. 

I am extremely grateful that we are in a school district that has this reading recovery program because oh my is remarkable! Noah has become a pro at reading, and his progress in just five months is amazing! He always wants us to read to him, and will take over after turning the first page. He loves telling the story, and uses his own "noahisms" when it comes to the story. His imagination is wild, and free, and his teacher is so proud of his growth in reading. Mrs. Strobino is an amazing teacher, and the strategies that she taught him since school started is something that every reading teacher should teach to those kids who either struggling with reading, or doesn't like to read.

Now Noah is more confident when it comes to writing short stories, and his name. He writes complete sentences, and is so smart! I love him, I love how much effort he puts in his schoolwork, and that he enjoys school. He hated missing school when he was sick recently! And this is all because of a teacher who had the patience to teach him with strategies that are correct, and had faith in him that he would turn into an avid reader! 

Now that he's learned to read, he's learning how to read to learn. Hello Math!
Now that he's learned to read, he's reading to learn. Hello Math equations! 

Happy Friday! 

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