Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Love........

I love Valentine's day. It's a pretty big deal to me because it is all about LOVE. I mean...everyday should be all about love, but on this particular day is when I tend to express it the most. It is the day I get to express my love for my friends, my kids, and my husband. It's the next best thing to our anniversary. I love to write letters.
I love to express my thoughts on paper to those who mean the most, and put it in an envelope in hopes it reaches to its destination safely. I love exchanging valentines cards, and that my kids enjoy doing that too. I love sending cards, and letters with words which I hope inspire, bring comfort, and joy to the receiver. Doing that helps me blossom into an even more compassionate, and loving person.
I love the beach. Ever since I was a little girl I've always loved the beach. Living in Texas I was only about an hour away from it, but we didn't go enough. Now that i live in jersey near the shore, we go more than enough! And I love it! This is the one place I love going to any time of the year. After enduring months of cold weather, and sickness we came here to celebrate valentines's day where we became reacquainted with the ocean. We enjoyed taking in the sounds of the waves, walking along the shore where we saw two gorgeous huskies playing in the sand, and took enough selfies to last us a lifetime. We even got a little wet. It's true what they say, "never turn your back on the ocean" because as we were taking pictures with the ocean behind us, waves crashed against our feet where we almost fell! But oh, it was so worth feeling that cold water against my feet. Thanks to the clogs I was wearing! 
I love the little bit of time I get to spend with my husband. Time slips away from us way too fast, and I don't get enough time spent with him. His days at work are long, and the only time we seem to have time to unwind together is late, late at night, and on the weekends. Because of that I want to make my time with him count. I don't want to take that little bit of time with him for granted. As much as we love spending time with our kids we also need time for ourself. And our efforts in doing that are getting better. 

I love dating my husband. I love the simple things he does for me. I love how hard he works to provide for us. I love that he's real. That he is always being himself. That he is never quick too anger. You have to really do something huge to make him mad! I love how he has never, ever felt the need to live, be, or act a certain way. I love how he allows me to have my freedom. Time away with my friends. I love his personality. I love his spirituality. I love how he interacts with our kids, makes them laugh, and eases their hardships when they have them. I love how he treats others. He may be having an off day, or be in a midst of a trial or struggle, and yet...he's the most jovial person on the planet! Even when he's writhing in pain. He's simply amazing. His coworkers say so. His boss says so. His clients say so. His doctors say so. I love how he doesn't speak ill of anyone, and that he doesn't retaliate when others may do that towards him. I love his patience. I love the respect he has for others, especially his elders. I love the adoration, and love that he has for me, and our children. I love how he loves me. I love his embrace. His kisses. I love how simple his dates are, and how this one particular date on the beach was the most simplest, and funnest date ever! 

I love my tall drink of water. I love being his wife.
And I love us! 

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