Monday, February 27, 2017

Beach Day In Staten Island.

This past weekend, like presidents day weekend was too beautiful, and way too warm to stay indoors so at the last minute we decided to go for a drive to Staten Island Beach, and even when the temps dropped to 55 degrees after 4pm we still managed to have fun without some of the sun. There were no fancy pictures of food, or the city, or the kids splashing in the water (too cold) only a few moments captured with my smart phone of randomness. I don't know what it is with men, and no jackets.
Or in this case kids. They were all wearing a windbreaker, a hoodie, and a denim jacket. Because this was a spontaneous beach trip Jon didn't think to bring a coat (he's from Utah, I'm not cold) um, yeah right...he was freezing! It was super cold once we got on the beach, and all we had on were light jackets, and our footwear was flip flops, and Birkenstock (at least Jon is wearing socks with his!) LOL!
Nonetheless we always, always laugh through our unpreparedness of being irresponsible at times of planning, and of our spontaneity. Speaking of not wearing a jacket...I had Lexie wear mine. At least I was wearing long sleeve, and surprisingly my feet weren't cold! Here are a few photos from our Saturday! 
Noah and Chelsea are like two peas in a pod. The five year age gap doesn't stop them, and the fact that Chelsea can be a bit tomboyish makes these two have more fun together.

He can ride this thing all year long no matter what season we're in. He loves his scooter!
Some of these photos are a bit grainy, but they are blog worthy. I love this part of new york. The beaches here are amazing, and we look forward to summer. Venturing different beaches besides the jersey shore is fun, and we sure love exploring them. 
Overlooking the Verrazano bridge.
Our winter beach day was exquisite and we would do it again in a heartbeat, preferably with warmer jackets & decent winter footwear! I absolutely love my crew, and look forward to more of these outings no matter what season it is. But oh, we do look forward to more sunshine, waves crashing, getting more than our feet wet, and more of this...
Hope y'all have a happy monday, and an amazing week no matter how warm, or cold your temperatures are! 

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