Tuesday, February 21, 2017

George Washington's Mount Vernon On President's Day.

There are pros and cons to going to Mount Vernon which is the most popular historic home in America on President's day. Pro...admission is free. Con...everyone, and I mean the entire D.C. area including people from out of the country come!! It is always crowded, parking is always hard to find (unless you get there at 7 in the morning), and don't even get me started with the traffic!
But luckily we are used to city driving, crowds, and that we don't mind driving into the city with three kids in tow to have some family time celebrating this wonderful day, and to meet up with old friends! 
I absolutely love this area, and this tourist site is perfect for all history geeks, and parents who want to educate their kids with history. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love living in this part of the country. We are surrounded by a vast, extensive amount of history sites, and love that we take our kids to historical places to learn more about our forefathers. It's nice to have kids who are history buffs, and Lexie has become quite the revolutionary loving anglophile. 
Being that it was President's day, and George Washington's 285th birthday, there were quite a few festivities in between. If you follow me on my Instagram, there was a story on there about our day. Today was the busiest day of the year, and because of that we weren't able to tour the mansion because of time, but were able to enjoy the other areas of the estate. There are so many historic area outbuildings, and we even saw Washington's Tomb. You can totally spend the entire day here, and we pretty much saw all of Mount Vernon. 
It was pretty awesome spending the day here commemorating George Washington's birthday, and watching the 21-gun salute was amazing. Noah was so excited to be here, and even though there were moments where he was getting a bit ornery due to a hungry tummy he had fun (note the look on his face in this picture). We did a lot of walking, and even shared some cake with "George and Martha." 
Resting in between the sites. Such a huge estate!  
I can see why so many people come here on Presidents day. I'm sure half of the people don't come because of the free admission, but to remember. To remember a great man on this special day. It was really nice getting familiar with George Washington's surroundings and history, but to also see my dear friend Stacie as well. She is a special friend who helped me turn my life around for the better. 
I hadn't seen her in about 11 years, and we met up here in Mount Vernon. Totally last minute trip for us, but I loved it. I loved spending time with her, and to see her family again. Her daughter Baylie is leaving for a church mission to Portugal in March, and it was such a joy seeing her all grown up. 
What a perfect February day it was touring this wonderful site next to the Potomac river, with beautiful weather, and wonderful company in Mount Vernon! 

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