Tuesday, February 14, 2017

100th Day Of School On Valentine's Day.

For the past couple of weeks I had been wondering how Noah can decorate his t-shirt for the 1ooth day of school. Well, instead of telling him how to decorate it I asked him what he'd like on his shirt. I am really glad that I have come to let my kids be independent in making their own decisions. This is obviously an easy one because it's about a t-shirt, and not about something serious! I remember when Chelsea was in first grade, and decorated her t-shirt with heart stickers. Sure it was my idea, but she really liked it.
I feel as if I am getting better with my kids when it comes to making their own choices. First Noah wanted 100 transformers, and because I figured that would take way too much time told Noah that was a no go. Then he said spider-man heads. As soon as he said spiderman heads something clicked, and I thought of our dear friend Curt from church who is one talented young man. He is amazing at art, and is a great artist. I'm sure I could have done this myself, with the help of the girls, but really wanted Curt to do it, and he obliged. He was so happy to have done it, and did a great job. On top of school, and being busy he completed the shirt in three days! 100 little spiderman heads in three days, and a big one on the back! 
Such a blessing to have youth in my church who are super talented, and are so willing to serve, and help out a sister! Noah was so happy when he saw the shirt, and couldn't believe how many "spidey heads" there were.

It was the perfect Valentine gift, and kind gesture for Noah from such an awesome young fella! 

Thanks Curt for making a little boy super happy!

Here's hoping everyone is having a nice Valentine's Day too! 

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