Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Momma!

One thing I have to say about my momma is that she has always enjoyed taking pictures. I think that's where I inherited the both photo, and writing bug from. All her life she has always documented her life. Whether it's through a letter, an old school notepad, or a photo album, she has always been diligent in doing that. Even with an old school cameras. (Thank you Kodak!)
And that makes me extremely grateful. No matter how hard her life always was as a teen, especially now since she survived breast cancer, and a heart attack she has in one way or another managed to take the time to write, and send photos. It has been a year since the diagnosis, and since that scary moment, it has passed, and I love my mom. I love her strength, her endurance, and even though she can be a bit stubborn at times it doesn't even matter. I still have her. She is still with us. And she looks amazing! 

She sent us a few photos including this one from last Christmas, and man do I hope I look as good as her when I'm her age. She tells me to not tell anyone her age, but I'll tell you this. She is a super lucky woman to have reached a number that deals with lucky number seven! And today I want to let everyone know that it's her birthday, and even though she may not read this still want others to know how much she is loved! So here's wishing my momma a happy, happy birthday with more years to come! 

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