Friday, June 8, 2018

A Little Less Blogging, A Lot More Journal Writing.

It's been really nice having my Mac in the shop and taking a break from blogging, and in all honesty has been liberating. I'm currently blogging from Lexie's laptop and feel bad for hoarding, and loading a ton of photos on here. She doesn't seem to mind but I do so I'm going to make this post short, and sweet without a myriad of photos to look at. 

I do want to share a little bit about what's happened this past week, and all that's gone on since last weekend. In case you don't have an Instagram, or scroll through it enough I figured I'd blog a bit about the depictions behind some of the photos I posted on there recently. Sharing on Instagram has become one of my favorite platforms when it comes to social media. There is so much good on there, and love the positive side that others share. I have a feeling that I'll be sharing more on there than any other network. 

I also want to mention that I'll be writing more in my journal than blogging. I have kept a handwritten journal ever since i was 20, and want to further my passion in writing. The LDS sister missionaries gifted one for me at my baptism years, and years ago, and I will forever be grateful for that! I just started a new one which I bought from here. Whitney is an amazing artist and was so happy to have received it. I look forward to be writing more in depth about life, etc inside this beautiful journal.


Now don't laugh.

I've decided to utiilize all my old journals, and write a book. A memoir so to speak. Writing is my passion and because I experienced a lot in my youth, and triumphed through challenges that seemed hard to bear want to share a little bit about those experiences. Having survived an assault, and sexual abuse is something I'd like to share more in depth, and tell my story. Experiencing motherhood four times in a row is another story to tell, Hopefully i can gather all my thoughts, and put pen to paper, write my heart out in hopes that it is well received, and that I will find a literary agent who will take a chance on me to pursue it, and find a publisher to publish it. So we will see how that goes! 

So much has happened this month, and it continues to be happening so freaking fast! The month of June is always filled with school events. I don't think I'm going to have enough time to rest this month! Especially with family flying in soon. Lexie's graduation is coming up, and all I can fixate on is  making everyone comfortable, and that day extra special for her. Happy day ahead! 

Scholarship night was the highlight of  my week. It was exciting to see so many students receive generous scholarships that they deserved. I'm so happy Lexie was chosen for one of them. Not too bad for only being in this school district for two years! She really made a name for herself, and shined in this high school. 
Volunteering and teaching about genetics, and biology in Noah's little second grade class was a fun opportunity for Lexie. She said that Noah was smiling as she walked in and talked about how all the kids were listening. She was so impressed with his class. This is exactly why I love volunteering in his classroom too!  

We've got a piano recitall next weekend, seminary graduation, and a showcase jazz performance next week in which Lexie will be singing three songs! It's the final performance of the year, and she's ecstatic to finally be using her voice to sing! She's got a good one too!
I am so pleased with all she's accomplished thus far in her life. Seeing her on the front page news of our local newspaper made my heart go pitter-pat. She deserves every great thing in life, and I'm so happy to witness all the memories she's made in her senior year of high school! 

Here's hoping y'all have a good weekend, and take a little break from the internet! 

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