Saturday, June 2, 2018

Little Manhattan.

When we come to New York I always want to appreciate it. I don't want to rush the day or quickly eat the food at my favorite restaurants (and there are sooooo many I love!) I want to appreciate riding the subway without having to complain on how crowded it can get, or because there aren't too many seats available. I want to appreciate taking the cab without complaining on how fast they drive because I drive fast myself. 

Like in the movie August Rush I want to take in the the sounds of the city as i'm walking through times square, and make my own music with said sounds. And on days that are filled with sunshine, and blue skies I want to appreciate my legs and feet for making it possible to walk 45 blocks in one afternoon. Same whenever we get caught in the rain. Instead of hustling and bustling through the streets of the city I want to focus on the stores, and tall buildings with their architecture. Who cares if i look like a tourist. I want to stop and smell the flowers in the flower shops that seem to be found on every other block. 
I want my kids to also appreciate what a magical, iconic city new york is. I want them to take their time looking at the art when we go to the museums, and feel like five years old again while playing in central  park, and running around in the sheep meadow. I want them to feel the concrete from their scooters as they scoot along the hudson, or riverside park without feeling the need to race all the time.
And to sit and relax in between!   
Yes, that's the New York we love, and the little Manhattan I never want to take for granted. 

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