A Simple Outing In Downtown Allentown!

Summer is definitely showing off lately with sunshine, and blue skies, and with the days being long, bright, and  sunny couldn't bear the thought of staying indoors. I know school just ended, and that some of us may just want to relax, and chill at home,but when you have active kids, and live where I live especially in the summer months all you want to do is spend time outside. That is unless it's 100 degrees! 

So after I took Chelsea to her orthodontist appointment yesterday i wanted to do something simple, and fun for the kids. I figured we'd have a little celebration since Chelsea's braces will be coming off in one month! She's so excited, and I'm so happy for her! We had a simple outing and spent the day in downtown Allentown which is about 10 minutes from my house. It's very rare that we venture out  to places nearby because I'm surrounded by nothing but farms, and feel that there's not much to do in my neck of the woods  highway, but its little quaint towns like this that steal my heart, and remind me of little villages near the beach. 
You can literally walk all over town in under an hour, and there is a bike/walking trail that leads to a park where they have picnic benches and a lot of room to run around. It's like a mini central park without the crowds, and sheep meadow.
The kids scooted all around town, and down the trail. If you look at my insta story you can get a peek at how quaint it is.
 We cooled off by eating some ice cream, and I captured a few shots of the kids on our way back to the car. 
There's even a place where you can stop and feed the ducks. 
There are cute shops all along main street, and love the retailers here. They are local, and very artsy. My kind of shopping! 
I absolutely fell in love with this little town. Totally reminds me of towns like Chester, and Cranbury. We will definitely frequent this town more often on a weekly basis! 
Such a wonderful,fun, and simple day! 

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