A Day in Dumbo, & A Lot Of Art.

If you want to have fun, eat good food, go to a flea market, and see some art installations in Brooklyn Dumbo is the place to go. We love this place because it exposes our kids to culture, and art. Not only do we have fun at the park, riding the carousel, and Noah scooting all over Brooklyn bridge park on his scooter, but everywhere you go there is bound to be a work of art in your midst. 

The day, although overcast was a good one. The rain stopped earlier in the day, and since Sierra had to fly out that evening we took advantage and spend the entire day in Brooklyn before dropping her off at the airport. 

The kids had a blast being together. I love that they all have fun, and even though Noah and Chelsea are ten, and 15 years younger than Sierra. and have their little quirks that will annoy their big sister she loves them, and they all manage to have a grand time. 
Sierra was going through shake shack withdrawal and since she says airport food is so pricey and airplane food yucky, she got her shake shake fix with her sibs.  
We were startled when we saw this colorful, crazy piano in the middle of the park. It's part of a project called Sing For Hope which is an organization the helps develop music programs for young kids which I think is super cool that this piano will be donated to a good home this week! Anyway, Sierra's face lit up, and like a five year old could tell  that she wanted to touch it, and so she carefully sat down and began playing. There was a small crowd that gathered around to hear her play, and it was so cool watching her play with a gorgeous view of the city in the middle of the park. 
Scoot, scoot, scoot, and more scooting. That's all Noah does when we come to the city.
We spotted this VW hot dog bus in the park too, and they were giving out free hot dogs! These dogs are so good, and the bus will be here all summer long giving away hot dogs to park goers for free! 
It truly was a day spent in the city will all the gang. I hate that Sierra can't stay all summer, but work permits her from doing so, but it's okay. I'm so grateful she was here for Lexie's graduation and that she had a fun week.
Going to the city is her fave, and I'm glad we made the time to do this day trip for her, and for us! 
She will be missed! 

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