Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Little Temple Day With The Kiddos!

When Noah handed me an invitation of a primary church activity that involved learning about the temple my face lit up. I was so excited that the primary leaders were doing this! I don't recall any of my girls having a church activity at the age of 8 that involved the temple. Having a temple closer to us gives us many opportunities to invite the children in our church at a young age to learn more about the temple and to get them involved as to what the temple is all about, and how it will benefit their lives as they grow older.

This past Saturday we all got dressed for the temple activity, and told Noah to dress casual. I was expecting him to put on his casual shoes, and when he stepped out of the car I looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing his nice blue loafers. When I told him that I meant for him to wear his casual shoes, and not his church shoes he said, "but mommy, we are going to the temple we should look nice, and want to look nice. plus we are taking pictures too mom." I couldn't help but smile when he said that. I know it's my fault for him wanting to look presentable when it comes to the temple because he knows I like to take pictures, and because he just wants to look nice period.

So while the kids had their activity I had time for the temple, and came out just as they finished. I saw all the kids gathered on the temple grounds eating pretzels, and then they all took pictures of us.

I'm so grateful for the temple, and for the opportunity that the kids had to learn more about the temple from their leaders on this day. They have great teachers guiding them, and teaching them at church. All the kids built a temple out of sugar cubes with the angel Moroni atop of all the cubes. It was so cool, and Noah had so much fun creating his own.
I really appreciate the time the leaders took to organize this activity, and for a member of the temple presidency to have spoken to them.I hope the kids have more days like this to "touch" the House of The Lord. Especially when it's a sunny day with blue skies! I know that the more we expose them to the temple, and to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ that they will grow up to be firm in their faith, and develop a strong testimony of the Lord, His gospel, and the temple!

It was a happy day for us all!

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