2018 Senior Showcase!

When Lexie was a freshman at high school she always hoped she'd be able to sing in the choir as well as the acapella group called Vocal Resolution, and she did. She was lucky enough to have been in Vocal Resolution for two years to sing with her peers. She was grateful to have had the opportunity to sing as well as play with the jazz band, and man does she miss Mr. T sometimes. 

Attending a different high school in her junior and senior year meant a lot of things. A different choir teacher, a different band teacher, and different band members. Although  she was excited she was also a bit nervous as to how these teachers taught, and worked. The end result was superb because their actions showed that they genuinely appreciated Lexie's presence, and acknowledged her every time she sang and played. One thing I'm most grateful for is the fact that her vocal teacher was right on point with her being an ALTO, not a soprano. Hearing her sing at school, and at church shows that she is an Alto through and through. Not a soprano. Her sister Sierra is a full on soprano, but just because she's a soprano doesn't mean that Lexie will be too. I honestly believe that her previous teacher back at her old school did a huge boo boo by having her sing soprano. It messed up Lexie's vocal cords a bit, but no matter how many times we'd tell her she is not a soprano she wouldn't budge. Luckily we moved away to a different high school where Lexie felt comfortable with her voice, and that her teacher realized that she indeed is an alto. 

Now that I made that clarification that Lexie is an alto she was so thrilled to have sung at her senior showcase which is an event where seniors get to sing one last time on their own motive. This was her last opportunity to shine in front of her peers, and family with her amazing talent. She paired up with two amazing musicians, and vocalist. 

She sang "Freest" which is an original by Michael Gaspari. This kid is crazy talented, and is julliard material. He composed the music, and the lyrics which are genius were written by their friend Amanda. You can watch that full video here.
She also sang and played the piano with her dear friend Owen on base.If you he looks familiar it's because they went to prom together. . He's such a stud, and a talented singer. He is an amazing actor, and did so well in the broadway show drama production Drowsy Chaperone. They both did an awesome job, and Lexie's voice totally reminds me of  Nora Jones. You have to watch it until the very end because these two together are such characters, and defines their friendship perfectly! You can watch that video here. 
I'm so happy that Lexie's last two years of  being in the band, and choir in high school was a good experience. She loved it, and had fun with it. Just as I loved hearing her sister sing when she was in high school, I have sure enjoyed seeing Lexie perform. 

I can tell she had a fun evening just by her smile behind the camera! 

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