Downtown Day Out In The City...

Keeping the kids active throughout the summer months is important to me and even though we can find things to do close to home there's something about the city that gives us the energy to live, and never grow weary of the surroundings that this wonderful city has to offer. The kids love it every time I mention going to New York, and when I ask if they'd like to go they do not hesitate to say yes! Especially Noah! 

Noah has become a city boy, and loves everything about new york. To be honest he'd like for us to live here, but that won't be happening any time soon. As i took this photo of him he began singing the song "city boy" which is his new favorite song. 
As much as i love driving it's nice to take a break from driving into the city and taking the ferry from Staten island into the city is the best relaxing way to go (and cheaper too!) It takes us straight into Battery Park, and leads us to one of our favorite attraction which is The seaglass carousel. Riding it never gets old, and we can ride on those fishies all day! It is so relaxing.
We walked around battery park, and stopped and pondered about all the soldiers who lost their lives in the Atlantic ocean. I never really paid any attention to this monument until I saw an episode of  Blue Bloods and recognized the statue. 
We walked all day in 98 degree weather eating hot dogs on the way while drinking a lot of water! It's a good thing I'm from Texas which somewhat helps the fact that I am used to the hot and humid weather. 
We cooled off by spending our time inside the Oculus window shopping, and sampling candy that got me into buying six bags of gummies and hard candy for the kids. 
Pizza in NYC is the best. We always have to have a slice when we come here. 
We also saw more murals, and art while walking along the city. This one with the UFO was Noah's favorite. He loves anything scientific. 
It was another magical day in the city we love, and even in this heat we still managed to have a fun time. Summer in the city truly is the best when you make the best of it! Even in the middle of a  heat wave!  

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