Last Day Of Second Grade!

Noah has advanced to the third grade and we couldn't be more proud. He has certainly advanced in the two years he has been in this school, and we are so grateful for his teacher this year. His reading, and comprehension skills has improved, and although he loves socializing it seems as if he toned it down a bit toward the end of the year. Reading his teachers remarks on his report made me smile BIG! I can tell that he was a joy to teach, and that he in fact did enjoy coming to school to learn, and of course have recess! 

One bonus this year was having a teacher like Mr. B. He is a great teacher, and I could see that he loves the kids. He's genuine, and caring, but most of all patient with them. The reason I know this is because I've seen him in action. I've volunteered at all the seasonal parties, and field days and it is a joy to see a teacher so content with their job. He will be missed, but luckily for us we get to see him at church on Sundays! 

Here's hoping y'all continue to have a fun summer with a lot of  fun in the sun! 

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