Strawberry Picking At Highland Orchards!

Although the time for picking strawberries is dwindling down we still managed to go picking, and yesterday we drove to Highland Orchards where most of their strawberries weren't over picked! We were lucky to have filled one little basket full of strawberries. Most of them were super ripe so we didn't pick too much. One basket was enough and we left with smiles on our faces. 

Part of the fun is not only picking strawberries, but watching my kids work together in unity trying to pick that perfect strawberry. This is their favorite part of summer, and i love that they love to venture out, and go picking together. 

Noah was content with his little basket, and Lexie was helping him pick a few. He's still getting the hang of what's ripe, and what's not. I love his effort, and he picked a few good ones on his own.
Chelsea and I managed to pick a few too. The kids did most of the picking while I caught them in action through the tiny lens of my smartphone. 
Which included a selfie too. I really enjoyed this farm too. We have gone to so many farms to pick, and we live in the perfect spot for it. The drive to West Chester was so nice, and the weather cooperated. 
The drive back to the market was the best. The kids got a kick out of the truck we were on, and lucky for us we were the only ones on it, and picking strawberries on the field all by our lonesome was the best! No photobombers! 
Love the time we make for summer! 

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