Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The next Hilary Weeks...

"Believe in what you're doing...believe in who you are."
~Hilary Weeks
This picture was taken in the summer of 2007. Sierra turned 12 in the nick of time to be able to attend her very first Time out for Women and Girls tour. She was so excited that two of her favorite artists were going to perform in Virginia. Hilary Weeks and Jenny Jordan Frogley. Those two have been her favorite role models since she was about seven. She loved the fact that they are members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and that they both sang and played the piano,.

Turning 12 was the beginning of her maturing, and growing in spirituality as her testimony for the Lord was developing. It was also the beginning of having a much deeper love for playing the piano as she began to write her own music. Like I wrote in yesterday's took her at least four years to finish a few songs. The songs she sang last night literally took her two weeks to finish, and coming up with the lyrics was not as easy as it seemed. She really has to be in a certain mindset to come up with the right words. I believe that it won't take her four years to finish songs anymore. I think it helps that she is a lot older now.

She loses herself with music, and it is a strength to her that comes from her Heavenly Father. She is blessed with such a gift in which makes her a very unique and talented daughter of God.

Although it can be nerve racking to perform in front of others, she loves sharing her talent and is always ready to sing and play the piano in front of her fellow brothers and sisters (especially during sacrament meeting.) Even if she never gets to become someone super famous, the love that she has for writing music and playing the piano makes her life richly blessed, and her life fulfilled.
Sierra with Jenny Jordan Frogley
After last night's performance, I think its safe to say that Sierra has a lot of potential to become a wonderful pianist and singer (even though there were some minor mistakes!) The more she works on her music, the better she'll become.

I'd like to thank all of those who attended our yearly 'Cocoa House' last night to watch her, and all the other youth from our stake perform who shared their talents.

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