Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For the love of music

"To write great music, the musician must make his life a great song."
Sierra has been writing music since she was about 12 years old. I can show you a stack of composition books in which she has written a song, but because she would get stuck in the middle of writing a song, she'd lose interest and stop. Another season would go by and she'd start to write another song, stop, get busy, and lose the desire again. She also said it's a challenge to write down note after note, pausing and replaying it over and over again to make sure it sounds right. I love music and although I don't play piano or read music...I have a good ear as to how I think the notes should be played. I'll hum a tune in which I think this is how the note should sound. Sometimes she'll take my advice, sometimes she won't, and that's okay.

After all... these are her songs she is composing.
She is also a very good writer. She has written many beautiful songs in the past, and so far she's finished three of them. All of them are her own with her own lyrics. She even wrote one for her baby brother called "Noah's Song". I have been wanting her to make a CD for family members as a gift for the past few years now. I really believe that the timing was right for her to actually finish some of her songs, and they really sound beautiful. I tear up every time she plays. Not everybody plays the piano the same way. I've heard other people play the piano and the feeling is always different. I see the way my daughter plays the piano and she plays it with feeling, humility, and passion. You can tell it's the love of her life.

 She loves the piano like Jane Eyre loved the use of her pen.
And tonight for the Young Women activity she is going to play her own song...her own lyrics and all. It is a beautiful piece of handwritten music, and I look forward to hearing her play it in front of her fellow brothers and sisters...and to the Lord. It's a song about Faith and I love it! I'm very proud of her.

It is amazing how she can play by ear and just start playing the score to "The Lake House" by Rachel Portman, (or any other artist) just by listening to it. She has such a special gift, and I am very happy that she has never given up on playing. She loves sharing her talent and will continue to write more songs.
 Who knows...maybe one day you will even buy her CD. 

But for now you can listen to her playing, and singing this song called "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn.

I hope it fulfills your day with a smile! 

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