Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spirit Week

Sierra has always been a big fan of spirit week ever since she began high school. She is a junior this year and this week she dressed up every day. The first day being 'Sports Day' in which she just wore her tennis shirt from her school. The second day was 'Neon day'. The third day was superhero day in which she designed her own costume and called herself 'Nerd girl' (see picture above.) 

The fourth day was 'Crazy hair day' in which she left one side of her curly and straightened the other side. That might not be crazy as spray painting it weird colors, teasing it and making it look wild...but at least she did something with her hair whereas no one hardly didn't do anything on crazy hair day. Her favorite day was Spirit Day!! She has so much enthusiasm for her class, and she really expressed that to the entire student body this past week. 

The colors for juniors is green and on Friday she dressed up as a green fairy.
 Isn't she adorable! Her and her friends all had fun participating for spirit week!

 Her favorite costume she wore for spirit week last year was 'mix and match day'. This was another favorite of hers (and mine.) She also loves the tutu!
Mix and match day, sophomore year 2010

 You can totally see that she is fun and full of life!! She definitely has spirit!


CLASS of 2013!

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