Friday, September 7, 2012

179 more days with Noah.

It was bittersweet having Noah all to myself yesterday. I got so used to having the girls hanging around him smothering him with kisses, and giving him piggyback rides. They always rescued me from insanity when ever he would deliberately spill a whole cup of milk on the floor (which was quite often), or take care of him while I'm not at my best physically or emotionally. So far he has drank all of his milk, and because I'm striving even harder to be at my best physically and emotionally my days have been a-okay.

Noah and I decided to venture out on yet another hot & humid day. We went for a walk, and I had my iPhone glued to my hand. He was so excited to be out playing with rocks, bugs, wet leaves, and sticks! Oh the joys of having a boy! Experiencing motherhood with a boy has become a natural talent for me, and I LOVE it! It does make me want to have another one! Although I don't think that'll happen anytime soon (or at all), I am extremely grateful that the Lord has blessed us with three beautiful daughters, and Noah!

So blessed.

With his light blonde curly hair, his beautiful smile, and cute dimples... and dark eyes that make you get lost in them.  
Let us not forget his goofy faces..
What's not to LOVE about this boy!

 He gives me hugs so tight around my neck that I can't help but to laugh so hard! 
I look forward to 179 more days alone with Noah so that we can experience more priceless moments together!

 Never. Taking. This. Boy. For. Granted. EVER!

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