Wednesday, November 14, 2012

remember your tennis days.

Russell Lynes said, "Tennis is an addiction that once it has hooked a man it will not let him go."  

Sierra, ever since you picked up a racket three years ago you have always had a love for the game. You always did your best in making time to practice. That's what you did in your final year of playing high school tennis. 

You did your best!

Everyone did! 
It was a great victory with a few losses, but all of your lovelies played wonderfully this year. You will always have a love for the game, and how fun it was to know you were in this sport for three years. It even got me motivated to play tennis again. 
You LOVE everything about these girls. I know you were led by an outstanding captain, and a really great JV, and Varsity team.
These colorful tennis balls will be a memory of your high school tennis days so treasure it. Reading all the sweet comments these girls wrote is a notation of your demeanor. Knowing that you have this ball written with beautiful words will help you look back to remember all that was good throughout the tennis season of your Senior year. Hopefully you'll remember all that was positive, and that you learned from any negativity.
Your wonderful coach, (and calculus teacher) Mr. Siebert. He sure was the best "first" coach you ever had. Heck I'll even remember him. He definitely was a strong leader, and had a lot of faith in you girls. He will never be forgotten. And Britney...she was your partner for the first two years, and y'all played well together. I think she is my favorite! 
You make friends so easily even with the underclassmen. I know they will never forget you. Keep in touch with them, and if they need any advice...make time, and give it to them.
And then there is the one you have known since the day you stepped inside Lewis middle school in your eighth grade year five years ago. Cute Erika. What a doll. I am so glad you got to partner with her, and although y'all had some losses y'all played your very best...and it was good!

Never forget these memories of your tennis history in high school.

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