Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quality time with legos, & a clothes horse

I love my mornings, and prefer them to the evenings. At night as I lay in bed I often think of what tomorrow is going to bring, and I do look forward to living another day. I've never looked at it that way, but because I have made the choice to look at each day differently, it is fun, beautiful, and my days are never the same. Everyday gives me the hope of doing something memorable and fun with one of my children. Whether it's just going for a walk, or playing lego games with Noah indoors. I always try to take advantage of spending quality time with my kids no matter what we do.

Each morning Noah is bright eyed and always wants to go outside. He will take me to his drawer and point out his clothing. He loves his khaki shorts, and since he has so many shirts he'll just pick his own. I love boy clothes. I never thought it would be fun playing dress up with a boy, but I actually love dressing up our little boy.

Noah is definitely a clothes horse!  Thanks to his three older sisters!
As he gets older I am truly beginning to see the differences between him and his sisters. His personality is beginning to flourish. He loves everything that has do with nature, and absolutely loves the outdoors. He has a love for rocks, and bugs right now, hence all the clothes. He usually gets dirty, and I have to change his outfits at least twice a day. He has been helping me get out of the rut of being cooped up in the house during the day to go for a walk down the bike trail, or play in the park. I don't want to spend all my time inside when the weather is so beautiful. This boy is truly going to keep me busy all summer long (with laundry) especially when the girls are away at camp!
I do have a lot of time on my hands to spend with Noah, and in three more days school will officially be over for Lexie and Chelsea. Sierra's last day in high school is tentatively next Thursday! She has finals for the rest of this week, and on Friday she'll be performing again at Hershey Park. Lucky for her this is her third time going, and we have lived here for four years and haven't gone as a family. What's up with that?

Need to put that on our summer bucket list.

I sure do look forward to spending quality time with our kids this summer (but not dirty laundry!)

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