Monday, February 2, 2015


Noah's manners for a five year old have been pretty up to par. Sure there are some moments where the tiny "demanding" part of him can come out, but on most days he's as sweet as can be. While we went out running errands the other day there are times when all I have to do is just go in and out of a store super quick. On this day I just had to grab chips, and salsa and left Noah in the car with Jon. It never fails that whenever I go inside Noah wants to play with my phone. One thing for sure is that he is always polite, but on this day he was extra, extra polite saying, "Mommy, excuse me, phoney please." I certainly cannot say no to that sweetness. 

On our way home from church last Sunday Noah asked what was for lunch, and we said "tuna fish." Noah then said, "I don't want tuna fish, I want Swedish fish." 

Since we only have one car there are days when I have to pick up Jon from work (luckily he carpools with a co-worker in the mornings). On this particular evening I asked Noah if he wanted to come with me to go get daddy. His response, "I can't right now mommy, I'm too busy!" Made me feel a little guilty because there have been a few times when I have told him or the girls that we can't do this or that on a certain day because "we're too busy." He definitely taught me something when he said that, and even though I feel as if I'm spending quality time with him as a stay at home mom on a daily basis, I know there are days when I can do better and devote more of my time on him instead of being on this stupid computer! 

There are days when we have to stick to a budget, and times when I can't just splurge money on toys for Noah. I know he's the only boy, but that doesn't mean that it's okay to spoil him, and buy him everything under the sun...especially when he asks for it. Luckily I have taught him that he will only be given things when it's a special day such as his birthday, Christmas, valentine's day, and Easter. On occasion, (and it's very rare) I'll go to a thrift store, and if I see a toy that's worth buying that'll last longer than 24 hours without breaking I'll go ahead and buy it. So when I heard Noah walk up to ask his dad & ask, "daddy, when you get more monies can mommy buy me legos transformers...pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee!" It made me smile! I had to pat myself on the back for having a kid who not only asked him politely, but won't throw a tantrum when he doesn't get it right away. Of course he said yes, and luckily Noah is very good at waiting for things that we just can't buy yet!  

Noah is my cuddling buddy, and there days when he'll randomly just sit on my knee, and tells me that he wants to stay little. Then there are days when he's grabs a chair to reach the cupboard to get cereal, and tells me that he wants to be taller. When I said to him, "Noah, I thought you said you wanted to stay little, what happened?" He then said to me, "I do want to stay little mom...I only want to be taller so I don't have to push the chair to reach the cereal." 

I personally wish he can stay little, but he sure is growing up. 

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