Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"We Are Free" an Original written by: Sierra

It had been a couple days since I talked to Sierra and when I face timed her the other night she picked up the phone and shouted, "Mom! I'm trying to record a song I just wrote & people keep calling!" I said to her, "Well turn off your phone then! "But I can't because I'm recording from it." she said.  She continued to say, "I just randomly wrote this song, and as I'm recording, singing and playing the phone keeps ringing!" I was like, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry...go ahead and sing away, and call me when you're done!" "I'll let you know when I'm finished, and then I'll call you when I'm done so you can tell me what you think." she said. So when I logged onto Facebook I saw her video pop up right away, and I immediately clicked on it. After listening to her I can see how much she has missed writing and playing the piano. 

For the past year she has been living in Utah with my in-laws and going to school and due to specific health reasons (I call it stress-induced...poor thing!) she took a semester off last fall to heal, and had to take it easy with her work. Now that she seems like her normal self she is attending institute classes for our church, and now has time and energy to focus on her music. I had seen a difference in her when she wasn't writing and playing as much. The fact that the piano was in a corner covered under a tarp for a couple of months because my in-laws were remodeling their kitchen (which connects to the dining area that also connects to the living room where their piano sits) she couldn't really play it, and was going through withdrawal. Now that the job is finished, and the piano is uncovered she is back to prioritizing in finding the time to write music. I think that after everything she has gone through she has seriously realized to focus on her music, and do what she loves which is write, write, write, sing, sing, sing, and play the piano!!! She has such an innate talent with piano, and don't want her to lose sight of that. I literally see the happiness in her face when she plays, and sings. Her laugh indicates that she is truly content. I see that it brings her a piece inside her that's different from anything I've seen, and I'm just so proud of her. I'm extremely thankful for her God-given talent. 

After I listened to her song I called her, and Jon and I told her it was amazing and beautiful! You now what her response was??? "No it wasn't. Y'all are just saying that because you're my parents. I sounded horrible because of this dumb cold." I was like, "Sierra, because we are you're parents we are telling you the truth, and you sounded awesome!!" I think she finally believed us! She's truly an inspiration to me, and I hope that y'all will find inspiration & a calmness in her music. Here she's singing "We Are Free" (an original) in which she literally wrote randomly like...that day!! Yep...she's pretty awesome! 
She also has her own you tube channel in which she'll be posting more songs, so if you like this one you're in for a real treat with her next! I also have recorded videos of her (and her sibs) on my you tube channel, and various  events where they are performing. 

Thanks and have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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