Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Finally Occurred This Year With A Blizzard!

I certainly was not anticipating this blizzard! It wasn't the biggest, but it certainly brought us more snow than what Juno did! As crazy as it sounds I have been anxiously awaiting for a good snowfall, and this one didn't disappoint. I am reminded of the very first time I experienced the snow while living in Utah. I was 21 when I first met "her", and immediately fell in love with it. I am so grateful that my kids have experienced it at such a young age, and that they actually love it too! 

The snow began to fall pretty quickly early Saturday afternoon, and before we knew it there was a couple of inches on the ground. Just enough for the kids to do snow angels (which you could watch me here), and throw snowballs at each other. We stayed close to home this time, and the kids enjoyed playing in the backyard. Chelsea took out the sled, and dragged it around the snow with Noah in tow. I captured a few moments of their childhood in the snow. 

One of my favorites is Noah eating fresh snow (don't was untouched & very clean!) 
After a while I felt like going for a walk. I know it sounds crazy to go for a walk when it snows, but it wasn't coming down as much, and I was really craving that desire. There is something about the snow that just calms me down. I wasn't raised with it so I really appreciate this part of Mother Nature in the winter time. So while Lexie was finishing up her project Noah and Chelsea decided to tag along with me. We walked on part of the bike trail, and for a moment we stopped, stood, and listened. 
Listened to how peaceful it was when it was coming down. I began to tell them how quiet the world seems when it snows. I really wanted them to listen, and they thought it was pretty cool and "weird" at the same time that everything seemed so quiet. There were hardly any cars on the road so there's no humming of motors running. No sounds of dogs barking or any animal noises. It was nothing but peace and quiet for a few minutes until these two began running around. I decided to take in the moment of having fun with them because I don't know if we'll have another snowfall anytime soon. 

Then again we're still in February so who knows! 

Happy Monday! 

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