Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Snow Day.

There are a few things I may take for granted when it comes to family such as not calling, or visiting enough (it's expensive when you fly three kids plus two adults!), but when it comes to my little family one thing I have always done as a mom especially in the winter is take advantage of the snow (when it snows!) Ever since the girls were little I've always ventured out into the snowy weather whether it was for a walk, a drive up the canyons, or sledding. This year has been the coldest we have ever felt since moving here in 2008. The coldest, and luckily we weren't majorly affected by it with loss of work, or power outages. One thing for sure, and even though the kids wouldn't have minded having a two hour delay for school the other day, they took it back after a day of sledding! 

We started off the morning with some snow shoveling. Ever since we got Noah this shovel he always wants to put it to use. He was so excited when he saw the snow on the ground that morning. He immediately got dressed, and put himself to work. 
We ventured out to a high school across town where they have a pretty good hill, and we all took turns on the sled. On his own motive Noah decided to stop, drop, and do a snow angel. He's so sweet, and had a much funner time on this day than the last time we went sledding. 
Probably because we finally found him some decent gloves! 
This video proves all too well that we had soooooooo much fun! 

Yep...this day off from school was totally worth spending it with my kids! 

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